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When I see a Tie Dye Shirt I immediately think fun! There is something about all the vibrant colors blended together that promotes an upbeat, happy attitude. Tie Dye Shirts have been around for centuries. I remember wearing them as a kid and to this day I see them all the time.

peace-sign-2656971__340.pngTie Dye Shirts are often associated with the hippie lifestyle and the Woodstock era but they are actually from China and are most popular in Asian countries. The shirts represent free love, a life full of experimenting, and counterculture.

The Tie Dye Shirt first appeared in the United States in the 1920s and are still very popular today all over the world in multiple cultures. They exist in numerous styles and patterns with an array of psychedelic colors ranging across the rainbow.

The 1960 era is most associated with Tie Dye shirts. I remember watching movies from the 60s and seeing men and women with their Tie Dye shirts on grooving to music and expressing their individuality. Concert halls made banners covered in all the different colors used in making Tie Dye shirts.

Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, Mamma Cass, Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and many more have been seen many times wearing Tie Dye shirts.

tie-dye-heart-1301837__340.pngTie Dye shirts are inexpensive and no two shirts are ever alike. That’s pretty impressive. Even when the exact colors and folding are used, the shirt never turns out the same.

Tie Dye Shirts are often seen in vivid bright colors, black and white, and pastel shirts are available. With increasing technology, the dye’s used in creating the shirts are much better than years ago and the colors don’t fade as quick.

Today, Tie Dye Shirts still remain a symbol of peace, freedom, and inner exploration.








Why purchase a tie dye shirt when you can make your own? Making tie dye shirts is very affordable, easy, and super fun. Great for birthday parties, summer camps, slumber parties, family events, or a relaxing solo activity.

Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Party Kit

  • Kit includes tie-dye supplies to create up to 36 projects
  • Features 18 squeeze bottles of nontoxic dyes in 14 popular colors
  • Do not have to presoak fabrics before dyeing
  • Includes step-by-step instructions featuring 8 tie-dye styles to choose from
  • Dyes are machine washable – colors remain bright and bold after repeated washings
  • Use with 100% natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and rayon for best results
  • Perfect for large parties


Jacquard Tie Dye Kit

  • Create groovy,  colorful tie-dye shirts 
  • Suitable for all ages, this kit will tie dye 15 adult-size shirts
  • Contains vinyl gloves, soda ash dye fixer, rubber bands, and how-to instructions DVD
  • For ages 8 and up with adult supervision
  • Jacquard has been the leading manufacturer of artist quality textile for over 30 years


Tulip One-Step 5 Color Tie-Dye Kits Rainbow

  • Kit includes tie-dye supplies for 30 projects
  • Features 5 squeeze bottles of nontoxic dyes and 5 refill packets 
  • Do not have to presoak fabrics before dyeing
  • Includes step-by-step instructions featuring 8 tie-dye styles to choose from
  • Dyes are machine washable – colors remain bright and bold after repeated washings
  • Use with 100% natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and rayon for best results
  • Perfect project alone or with the entire family



Rather than purchase a tie dye shirt why not have fun and make one? They are fun for the whole family and perfect for a solo project, large party, slumber party, summer camp, birthday party, etc.

Here are Step by Step Instructions to make a tie dye shirt.

  1. Choose what you are going to die dye.
  2. Pick the design and technique for your shirt. If you would like to see a tutorial before getting started, check these out for ideas.
    1. 50 Tie Dye Craft Projects
    2. 35 Easy Tie Dye Patterns to Dye For
    3. 232 Tie Dye Instructions and Projects
    4. 24 Tie Dye Techniques: Free Tie Dye Patterns
    5. 23 Cool Tie Dye Ideas
  3. Gather Your Supplies
    • T-shirt
    • Latex Gloves
    • Twine or Rubber Bands
    • Paper Towels
    • Plastic to cover your working area
    • Ziplock Bag
    • A Plastic Tub or Bucket to Tie Dye your shirt in
  4. Choose which tie dye colors you will use. The design you choose will determine how many colors you need for your project.
    1. Keep it simple with choosing just a few colors/dyes. The less dyes the better chance your shirt will look great.
    2. Choose colors that complement each other: blues and greens, reds and yellows.
  5. Get your work area ready. This can be quite messy. You are working with permanent dyes so make sure your area is safe. Consider kids and pets. Working outside or in a garage is recommended. Cover up your table with plastic or a tarp to protect it. Put your apron on.
  6. Choose which folding technique you will be using. The TIE part of this project is very important. It will determine the pattern and the overall look. You can free-style or choose a pattern with some of the following folding techniques. Go ahead and get your shirt ready using Rubber Bands or Twine to fold your shirt.
    1. Banding Technique
    2. Polka Dot Technique
    3. Swirl Technique
    4. Heart Technique
    5. Ombre Technique
    6. Crumble Technique
    7. Bullseye Technique
    8. Splatter Technique 
    9. Gradation Technique
    10. Striped Technique
    11. Sunburst Technique
  7. Get Ready –  Put on your gloves
  8. Apply the dye to your shirt. After you have tied your shirt, it is ready for dyeing. Follow the instructions according to the folding technique. Remember to try not to cross contaminate your colors so it doesn’t turn into one dull color, like brown. Squirt a generous amount of the dye onto your shirt allowing it time to soak in before adding more. Be creative and rotate the colors. Turn your shirt over and apply dye to the other side if necessary. Have fun!
  9. Put your shirt in the ziplock bag and leave it overnight. The longer the better. The dye will have time to penetrate into the cloth. I recommend 24 hours.
  10. Prepare your work area again and apply gloves. Be sure to use a plastic bag to cover your work space. Remove your shirt from the bag and unfold the shirt. Untie your rubber bands and/or twine with your fingers or carefully with scissors. If using scissors, be very careful not to cut your shirt. BE PREPARED for a lot of dye to seep out. Discard the bag, rubber bands, and twine.
  11. Rinse your shirt thoroughly under cold water. Rinse several times. If you are using a bucket, empty the bucket and get fresh water. Keep rinsing your shirt until the water is clear. Now it is time to wash your shirt. Put your washing machine on the largest load, even though it is only one shirt. Use hot water and just a little bit of soap.
  12. Air dry your shirt.
  13. Be proud and wear your very own Tie Dye Shirt!



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