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Girl in outdoor hatHats are fun to wear and boy do they make getting ready easy! Hats add value to any outfit and have many benefits. We typically see people wearing baseball caps but there is a whole world of different hats out there that really give the icing on the cake look.

With the sun and it’s intensity, it is important to protect ourselves from the harmful radiation that unfortunately travels with sunlight. Beauty and the beast! Thank goodness there are sun protection hats!

Instead of wearing a baseball cap this warm weather season, try something differentcoolibar ribbon hat that is safer. There are so many styles of hats and fun ones.

These types of hats can be dressed up or worn causally, like at the beach/pool or hanging out with friends at your favorite restaurant. They enhance your look and mood whether in shorts, sundress, or running around in a bathing suit.

Yes hats are stylish and fun but the most important hat is a UV Protection Hat! Most people think only the brim of the hat decreases sun exposure from our face but there’s a lot more involved with UV protection hats to keep us free and clear from a sunburn.

sunburnBaseball caps are great but for sun protection they don’t cover the ears or neck, typically where skin cancers develop. The best protection from the sun is a hat with a wide brim, at least 2-3 inches all around the hat. This wider brim protects your ears, forehead, neck, eyes, and top of head.

UV rays reflect off of water, snow, sand, and even below the water’s surface. Hats with a darker fabric on the underside of the brim helps decrease the amount of Ultraviolet rays that reach your face.

The fabric the hat is made out of is important in UV protection too. Tightly woven hats have more protection than straw or paper hats. If you can see light through your hat, UV can get in. sunscreenThe tighter the better!

What makes a hat sun protected? When a UV protection hat is developed, the fabric is infused with added ingredients, the same ingredients found in sunscreens. Some of these ingredients have sun-bouncing minerals to deflect the sun from your hat.


SPF means Sun Protection Factor which means how much time it takes for sun exposed skin that has sunscreen on it to become red, or burnt. UPF is a measure of UVA and UVB on fabric. It measures how long it takes for ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin through the fabric.

UPF is the accurate measurement for clothing, not SPF. If you see clothing that is advertising it is SPF protected, it is not fully protected. UPF 50 is the highest rating clothing can have. Clothing is the safest and most effective way to fight aging and skin cancer according to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

coolibar logo

Through lots of research I found a company by the name of Coolibar who is “the first company to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for sun protective clothing.

Their philosophy is developing fabric that is contemporary, made for fun and fitness, and MATTERS!

Coolibar develops leading industry fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, stretch, soft, cooling, anti-microbial, water repellent, and soft. All of their products use fabric that is UPF 50.

Check out these contemporary Coolibar Sun Protection Hats:


Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat – Sun Protective

This UPF 50+ hat is chlorine and saltwater resistant. It has a Velcro adjustable strap at the center back for a nice fit. The 3″ Brim offers great protection. Exact circumference is 22 3/4″ (S/M), 23 5/8″ (L). Caring for your hat is easy, hand wash and line dry!

coolibar red hat

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Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Reversible Bucket Hat – Sun Protective

This UPF 50+ reversible bucket hat is perfect for traveling. It is light-weight and wrinkle-resistant so you can pack it in your bag and it’s ready! Unique features are that is has invisible pockets to store your valuables while on the go or in the pool. Air holes and ventilated panels assist with maximum comfort.

coolibar cream hat
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Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Elegant Floppy Sun Hat – Sun Protective

Enjoy the view without the worry of sun with this elegant UV 50+ Floppy Sun Hat. You don’t have to worry about this durable hat flying off when traveling in a boat or a strong gust of wind with the pull of the adjustable string. Feel super protected from the sun with the 4″ brim. This beautiful floppy hat is available in two colors to compliment your cute summer dress or swimsuit.

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Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Packable Travel Fedora – Sun Protective

This packable 100% Polyester Fedora Hat is UPF 50+ and perfect for traveling. It is light-weight and wrinkle-resistant so you can pack it in your bag and it’s ready! It provides extra air flow comfort with eyelets on both sides of the crown and has an internal sweatband. Approximate circumference: 22 3/8” (Medium), 23” (Large), 23 3/4” (X-Large), Brim 2 5/8″.

3.7 out of 5 stars 15 customer reviews

coolibar fedora hat
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Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Ribbon Hat – Sun Protective

Look classy and feel protected from the sun in this 100% Polyester Ribbon Hat featuring UPF 50+ Protection with it’s wide 5 1/4″ Brim. No worries on the hat flying away with it’s internal drawstring allowing you to adjust to the perfect fit.

coolibar ribbon hat
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Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Fairway Golf Hat – Sun Protective

This Natural Straw Golf Hat is uniquely trimmed with stylish finishing details and a leather trim. It is different than other golf hat’s with it’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection. It’s 3″ Brim provides facial coverage so no worries while playing golf. Like all of Coolibar’s Sun Hats, it is lightweight and provides maximum comfort. Circumference: S/M-22 1/2″; L/XL-23 1/2″; XXL-25″.

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Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s ST. Lucia Sun Hat – Sun Protective

This UPF 50+ Natural Fiber and Polyester Blend St. Lucia Sun Hat is sleek. Featuring a fully lined crown with a hidden drawstring for an adjustable fit. The 3 1/4″ Brim provides ultimate coverage while looking gorgeous. No worries on sweat, the sun hat has an internal sweatband. Approx. circumference: 22 1/2”; 3 1/4” Brim.

coolibar bl and wh sun hat
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Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Camo boonie Hat – Sun Protective

This 100% Cotton UPF 50+ Boonie Hat is great for the outdoors. It’s rugged style includes an internal sweatband and an adjustable elastic drawcord in the back center for a perfect fit. The chin strap is detachable. Approx. circumference: 22 3/8″ (Medium), 23 ¼” (Large), 24″ (X-Large), 3″ Brim.

coolibar camo hat
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I encourage comments so please leave a comment or question below regarding sun protection hats. If you purchase a sun protection hat, let me know what you think! Enjoy your fun in the sun!


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