Personal Safety Alarms

rope-woman-2322774__340.jpgMany of you will travel on vacation to places you have never been this year. Even a quick trip to the lake or beach can leave you in an environment that you are not used too. Honestly, an assault can happen ANYWHERE! You can be one mile from home.

Have you ever been uncomfortable walking to or from your car or front door? Day or night? Have you ever stopped to look behind you because you thought you were being followed?

It is so sad that woman now feel the need to wear a personal safety device. The problem is the threat of physical violence, harassment, and assault.

In the U.S., every 2 minutes a woman is attacked and every 98 seconds someone is sexually assaulted. This is alarming. Every single day over 570 people experience some form of sexual violence.

Alarming Statistics

  • The average age range for victims to most likely experience sexual assault is 12-24 years old.
  • A female in college aging 18-24 has three times more of a chance then the general population to experience sexual assault.
  • 321,500 people are victimized by sexual assault or rape per year.
  • 80,600 inmates are sexually assaulted in jail or prison each year.
  • 7 out of 10 victims know the person who committed the assault.

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When a woman is alone she is an easy target for a predator. He will wait for the perfect match to suit his needs at the perfect time. It is imperative for a woman to always be 100% aware of what is going on and who is around her.

woman-mouth-2091__340.jpgStay off your phone.

We are all bad about chatting and driving. Some cities don’t allow it but for the woman who are still allowed to drive and talk, finish your phone call before opening your car door to get out.

Observe the surroundings.

Look around to notice anything peculiar before exiting your vehicle. Do not open the door if you do not feel safe.

Create a Game Plan

Keep all of your items in the front seat or the front floor board so it’s easy to gather everything before you open the car door. If something seems strange, do not get out. If you’re going somewhere and see someone odd is in the parking lot or your driveway, don’t stop. Follow your instinct. Keep driving. Play it safe!

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Look at the person and get a description of what they are wearing, hair color, height, tattoos, etc. Call the local police or 911 and tell them about what’s happening.

It only takes a few seconds for a grown woman to be thrown on the ground, her purse taken away, and off he runs. That is scary!

To increase your chance on a perpetrator running away from you is to make a scene. Perpetrators don’t want attention called to them so your best choice is to be loud. There are new personal safety alarms to assist you in calling attention to the victim.

Let’s take a look at a few devices that will attract the attention to the victim.

Robocopp SOS Personal Portable Alarm

The Number One Choice for the Best Personal Safety Alarm is the Robocopp SOS Personal Portable Alarm.

The Robocopp SOS is a small compact security alarm device that looks similar to a thumb drive. It produces an unpleasant and really loud sound. This sound will not go unnoticed with its 120 decibels and will draw attention to anyone passing by which is your goal!

The device exerts its sound by simply pulling out the pin. It is easy for children, the sick, and the elderly population to use. The siren screams loud like an ambulance and will sound for up to 30 minutes without interruption. It will drive away potential attackers and attract people nearby.

The personal alarm device can be attached to a key chain, wrapped around a wrist, or stored in a pocket. It comes on a cord to make it easy to keep close by.

Vigilant 130DB Personal Emergency Alarm.

Another favorite personal safety alarm device is the Vigilant 130DB Personal Emergency Alarm.

When approached by an attacker, the first response for the victim to accomplish is to influence the situation. A loud siren will discourage the attacker and is more likely to run away.

vigilant-safety-device.jpgThe Vigilant personal Safety Alarm is small with a big sound of 130 decibels. It won’t fight the attacker but it will combat a psychological influence to promote a positive outcome for the victim.

It can be carried in a pocket, looped around a wrist, or attached to a key chain. There is a mini LED light which can also be a deterrent to the attacker. Unlike the Robocopp, this device will sound for an hour.

The U.S. military has used the Vigilant Safety Alarm Device for 8 years and has received approval. It is a favorite among evening joggers, college students, the elderly, and people that happen to be out at night.

Athena Personal Security Alarm

athena-safety-device.jpgAnother really neat personal security alarm and is my favorite, is the Athena Personal Security Alarm.

This personal safety device is sleek and stylish. It can be clipped anywhere on the body or on a key chain and is available in 3 different colors.

The siren is as loud as a freight train and will get the attention of anyone nearby. What is unique about the Athena is that it has a GPS tracking device.

When the button is held for 3 seconds, it emits a high-frequency 85 decibel siren and also sends a message to friends or family who will receive a map with directions showing where the victim’s location is and will offer the opportunity to notify 911.

If the victim would like to send a silent distress signal to a pre-selected contact, press the button 3 times and it will silently send the location, map, and directions of where the victim is. No alarm is audible.

athena-and-messages_1000x.pngThe Athena Personal Safety Alarm connects to a smart phone via Bluetooth, has a 3-month battery life, and is water resistant.

Athena’s Mantra is to live in a world with less stress and fewer assaults. A world that that is safer and where anyone can live their life boldly. Because of this, they started the ROAR Program.

“For each device sold, we ROAR back a portion of the proceeds to educational programs that have been shown to increase empathy and reduce violence.”

In a world that unfortunately exists of disengaged people from society that want to harm woman and others, it is important to protect yourself. It is important to always be on the lookout everywhere you go. No neighborhood is 100% safe! Feel safer today and protect yourself with a personal safety alarm device. It is worth your life!






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