Top Rated Sunless Tanners

Summer is slowly creeping in. It seems as soon as we have our first pool party or get invited to one we panic, “I have no tan!” Well no worries! There is a SAFE and very effective way to get that golden tan we all dream about.

Sunless tanners and bronzers give you the results you want quicker than the dangerous tanning beds, cheaper, and will not flirt with getting skin cancer.

Many of you are thinking, “they make my skin orange and dark in spots!” Rest assured, there are some super products out there. We just need to find them! That is what I am here for.


There are two types of sunless tanning products:

  • Sunless tanning products that stain the skin and will remain until it is sloughed off with ordinary daily activities. They usually last 3-7 days and can be reapplied as needed.
  • Cosmetic bronzers are applied and have no staining affect. They are removed simply with soap and water, similar to makeup. It is personal preference which one you use. gilr-in-black-bathing suit

Do Self Tanners Work?

A darkening agent called DHA that is in all self tanners is a color-producing sugar that interacts with amino acids in the outermost layer of the skin which causes the skin to become darker. It is FDA approved and very safe to use.

It is advised to test the product on a small area of your skin first to make sure there is not an allergic reaction. Some people have sensitive skin so it is best to find out on a small area than your entire body!

Sunless Tanner Application

Tips on Applying a Self Tanner:

Wax or shave the day before you will be applying the sunless tanner. If you have any knicks or cuts the self tanner lotion, oil, gel, etc. can sit in the damaged area and can cause the area to appear darker. So it’s best to wait a day to let the minor skin irritation heal.

Exfoliate your dry areas on your body prior to applying product: elbows, knees, feet, and hands. Dry skin causes the skin to have creases so the tanner has somewhere to penetrate.

Moisturize! Apply a moisturizer to the areas where you exfoliated. This will inhibit the tanner from soaking in and darkening. If you have any age spots, apply lotion on them as well. Don’t forget your fingertips. Our fingertips tend to be dry from using our hands so much.

Wear gloves that fit well before applying the tanner.applying-self-tanner.png

Shake the product well before using mix up all the ingredients. Start with the legs first and massage the tanner in a circular motion to prevent streaks. Next apply it to the arms, torso, neck, and face if you are using the tanner on your face. If so, apply only one coat so the face doesn’t get too dark. I recommend using a separate product on your face. A bronzer is recommended for your face but again, its personal preference.

Lightly apply the product to your feet and hands. These areas are where we tend to see self-tanning mistakes. Use a washcloth to remove any excess on your knuckles. When applying to your hands, put it on the back of your hands and rub them together. Be careful not to get any on your palms. Use a washcloth to remove any tanner from the creases of your hands and blend the product on the sides by your palm.

Dry! Let the product dry before putting on any clothes or you may accidentally stain your outfit. Try to reduce any activity so you don’t sweat and cause streaks. Wash your hands after applying to remove any excess product.

Wait several hours before showering. The longer the better. Try to wait at least eight hours before showering and do not exfoliate for at least 24 hours. Let the product soak into your skin. This also means staying away from any water activities like the pool or beach. So prepare the best time to apply your Top Rated Sunless Tanner!

Moisturize! The key to longevity with your sunless tan is hydration! Apply lotion daily.


Top Rated Sunless Tanners


Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Body Lotion


#1 RATED BEST SELF TANNER – Tanceuticals has received numerous awards by beauty editors worldwide

Easy to Apply, Easily Blends

Gorgeous Dark Shade of Bronze

Inviting Coconut Scent

Made from Healthy Cosmeceuticals – Acai Berry, Mango Butter and Vitamin E 

   984 customer reviews


St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse


Awards: ELLE Beauty Awards, In Style Best Beauty Buys Winner

Super-light-weight Tinted Mousse

Rich Golden Natural- Looking Glow

Dries in 60 Seconds

Great Citrus Fragrance

 1,345 customer reviews


St. Tropez Luxe Dry Oil


Dry Oil with a Brown Tint

Gorgeous Shimmery Glow

Herbal Pleasant Smell

No Streaks

Moisturizes Skin Leaving it Nice n Soft

  59 customer reviews



L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum


Easy Spray Application with 360° continuous mist coats skin evenly

Quick Drying

Natural Sun-kissed Tan

Made with Vitamin E and Gentle


   440 customer reviews


Clinique Self Sun Tinted Lotion

Tinted Lotion with a Glowing Shimmer

Immediate Results with a Beautiful Medium Shade


Moisturizes Skin to Keep Skin Soft

Lasts 4 to 5 Days

   51 customer reviews


Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel


Award Winner

Great for Pale Skin

Colorless Application that Slowly Darkens

Vitamin Packed Tanner Featuring Aloe Vera

Beautiful Natural Glowing Tan

Great Smell

   29 customer reviews



Fake Bake Flawless


Self-tanning Liquid Spray

Tans darker – Lasts Longer

Dries Instantly for On The Go

Rich Dark Brown Thin Liquid

Leaves Skin with a Flawless Glow

1,149 customer reviews


Somerville360 Face and Body Self Tanning Towelettes


Easy-to-Use & Fast Drying

No Mess, No Streaks, No Uneven Skin tone

Gradual, Healthy Looking Tan

Calming Cucumber that soothes and refreshes the face and body

Vitamin E to condition the skin

   61 customer reviews

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer

Features a Pigmented Sheer Color

A Compact Caribbean Getaway

Washes Off – No Staining

Look Beautifully Tanned

   766 customer reviews



























Sunburn Prevention Tips

Summertime is right around the corner. A time for fun in the sun, vacations, relaxing at the beach or pool. And also time for sun protection. The days are longer and the sun is hotter. We certainly don’t want a sunburn to get in the way of our comfort. There are several sunburn prevention tips we can easily follow to have a positive day in the sun. First and foremost is protection.

What is the best sun protection?

There are so many sunscreens available so it is important to understand what you need in a sun block to be effective. Reading the label and understanding what you are looking for is the golden ticket. Fortunately, The Food and Drug Administration requires all sunscreen labels to follow certain guidelines. First let’s talk about what you will see on a label:burnt-fried-egg

Broad-Spectrum sun protection: there are two types of UV light that can harm your skin, UVA and UVB. UVA rays (aging rays) are what causes age spots, wrinkles, and premature aging. UVB rays (burning rays) are the rays that primarily cause a sunburn. Both UVA and UVB can contribute to skin cancer. All sunscreen products protect against UVB rays but not all protect against UVA.

  • Broad-Spectrum sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays. These products must pass a test to accommodate this label and are the products recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. If a product is not Broad-Spectrum, they must carry a warning label informing the consumer that it only protects against a sunburn, not skin cancer or aging.

SPF: SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor which is a measure of how long skin lathered up with sunscreen will not burn from UVB rays as opposed to unprotected skin. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30. The higher the number the slightly more coverage from the sun’s UVB rays but there is not a sunscreen that blocks 100% of UVB. The FDA requires sunscreens with less than SPF 15 to carry a warning label.sunscreen-spf

  • SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays
  • SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays
  • SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays
  • SPF 100 blocks 99% of UVB rays

It is very important to know that the higher SPF number does not mean you are protected longer in the sun than one with a low SPF. They both last about as long as the other. For best protection, reapplying the product every two hours is the best way to avoid a sunburn.

Water- Resistant Sunscreen: When a product label mentions it is Water-resistant it means how well the product will maintain in water up to 40 minutes or 80 minutes. The label should specify the time but No sunscreens are completely waterproof. For best results it is imperative to reapply sunscreen after getting out of the water or excessive sweating and every two hours.


When Should I Apply Sunscreen:

Sunscreen should be applied every day whether it is a cloudy day, cold day, snowy day, and, of course, a sunny day. The sun emits harmful UV rays all year long and the rays reflect off of snow, water, and sand. Apply sunscreen on all skin surfaces that will be exposed to the sun: your face, ears, back of the neck, lips, hands, and if you don’t have much hair on the top of your head, don’t forget your head.

About 15-30 minutes before you go outside, generously lather up your body with sunscreen. Most people only apply 25-30% of what is recommended. A good rule of thumb dermatologists recommend is to use as much sunscreen to fill a shot glass, 1 ounce. Of course adjust the amount as necessary to your body size.

Don’t forget the lips. Skin cancer can also form on the lips so apply a lip balm or lip stick that has SPF 30 or higher.

REAPPLY every 2 hours! If sweating or in the water, apply immediately.

Should I use a Lotion or Spray?

The problem with spray sunscreens is that it is difficult to know if your exposed skin is getting enough coverage. Because of this, the FDA continues to evaluate the safety of Spray sunscreens and how effective they are. If you use a spray sunscreen, make sure to use a generous amount and rub it in.

Consider the wind when applying spray sunscreen as well. You can spray the sunscreen in your hand and apply it for safety. Avoid the eyes, face, and mouth too so you or your kiddos avoid inhaling it.

What SPF Sunscreen Should I Use:

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunscreen that offer the following:burnt-cartoon-sunscreen

  • Broad-Spectrum protection
  • SPF 30 or higher
  • Water resistance

Also, choose a sunscreen that you will use again and again. There are many types of sunscreens available so get the one that is best for you and the area of the body that needs protection. Many cosmetics have sunscreen in them and remember to apply those as well every 2 hours for maximum sun protection.

For extra protection for your face, head, neck, upper back, ears, and lips UV Protected Hats are a great addition to a worry-free day in the sun! With knowledge and  proper sunscreen products you can relax outdoors and feel confident that you and your family will avoid sunburns.

Alarming! Watch This Video

Every year Consumer Reports tests sunscreens and shares with us the results of the tests. This has not happened yet in 2018 but when the reports come in I will update this accordingly.

May 18, 2017 — According to Consumer Reports annual sunscreen report in 2017, about one third of the sunscreens tested provided less than half of the SPF protection written on the label. 58 sunscreen products were tested and 20 of them had less than half of the SPF listed on the label.

Consumer Reports takes their testing seriously and evaluating two different metrics: First, they measure the accuracy of SPF, which measures how long you’re protected against the UVB rays that cause burns, and second, how effective are the UVA blockers, which shield the rays that cause premature aging.

After the testing, Consumer Reports chose only fifteen sunscreens they recommend. The following products received high marks in UVA and UVB protection, and scored perfect results on the accuracy of their SPF claim — meaning you and your skin can enjoy a worry-free summer.

The La Roche has been the number one sunscreen and tested 100% on everything for 2 years.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk

Consumer Reports Tested and Approved
Scoring 100 % and Met its SPF 60 Claim


The following Sunscreens were tested as well and recommended by Consumer Reports. Keep in mind only 15 of 58 were chosen. 







Most Comfortable Flip Flops


The summer is right around the corner. Time for our feet to breathe! After our bodies and feet have been wrapped up all winter it is time to get comfy. Flip flops are used in all aspects of a person’s day to day living in the summer. Not only are people wearing flip flops at the beach, flip flops are worn everywhere!

Choosing the most comfortable flip flop is very important to your day. If you will be wearing your flop all day, it is important to choose the right one. Simply stated, your flop can make or break your day. Choose wisely!

Flip flops help our body lower its internal temperature by allowing our feet to release heat. Our precious feet are crucial when it comes to regulating our temperature. Flip flops also encourage a stress free living when it comes to choosing shoes to wear. We simply slide our feet in our flop. No matching socks to find, no shoelaces to tie.. The hardest choice when putting our flops on is which ones to wear.

colorful FFWhat are the Best Flip Flops?

Several reasons come into play when choosing the flip flop that’s best for you: Style, comfort, durability, price, material, and support. That’s a lot to think about! So to help you this year with deciding which flop will be suited best for you, I did some homework. I researched three different websites who have chosen the top-rated flip flops for 2018.

There are so many styles to choose from in the design of a flip flop. Some have thick straps, thin straps, a strap in the back, and long straps that travel down the length of your feet. Color also is a big factor affecting your choice. Is an easy black flip flop that matches most outfits best for you or a fun colorful flop that makes a statement?


Comfort, to me, is the most important. The other factors will follow accordingly, but I am a 46 year old, so my priorities are quite different than others. The size of the strap is a factor in comfort. Thicker straps have been rated to provide more comfort and thin straps are known to get thinner with wear and tear. Again, a personal preference.

If you have flat feet a flop with support for your arch is a must. Some flops contour to your feet and give them a nice supported feel. Shop for the flop that offers a comfortable foot bed, high traction, and arch support.


How durable is your flop? After several uses with plastic flip flops you may as well be plastic FFbarefoot! Plastic flip flops flatten to a pan cake with numerous use. Those are the ones you end up purchasing at a gas station because you weren’t prepared for your beach day! Yikes! It is important to choose a flop that has the toe strap sewn directly on the insole, not held together by a button underneath.

There is a lot of various materials used in the construction of flip flops. Rubber, nylon, EVA, leather, and more. Rubber has less erosion on the sole allowing for a better grip. When looking for a flop that will last a while, nylon straps are very hardy. EVA is a popular material used in making tennis shoes. It is safe and many flip flops are made from it. Leather flops are comfortable and are great with those of you who battle sweaty feet. You know who you are. 🙂


When it comes to pricing your flop, you pretty much get what you pay for. The plastic pair can be as cheap as $2 but hence the word, CHEAP! The better the material the better the flop and probably will end up paying a higher price. But, the more durable the material the longer your flop will last. Do the math and see. 🙂

Here are the top ten most comfortable flip flops with the highest ratings.



Clarks has been in business making quality men’s dress shoes for over 100 years. They produce high quality shoes with a wide assortment of styles.

Clarks Breeze Sea Flip Flops is a sporty lightweight flip flop featuring a fabric thong with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure. It’s foot bed is floral print and has a midsole stripe.

clarks flip flop

The classy sophisticated flip flop has a look that demands attention. Croslite material is used in the footbed and outsole which has circulations nubs for a massage-like feel. The Sexy t-strap is form fitting providing lots of effortless comfort.

crocs FF


Reef Men’s Rover Le Sandal

The Reef Flip Flop is a men’s sandal made of full grain leather with extra padded soft liner. It’s made with a triple density construction for instant support, traction, and comfort and a rubber outsole. It is molded with three layers of material: a contoured  foam deck for super-soft and instant comfort, a highly dense rubber outsole for durability, traction, and protection, and a medium-dense midsole for lasting support.

Colorful, sporty, and lightweight, the Crocband flop is constructed of a material that makes it easy to clean. Perfect for any outdoor activity.

crocband FF


Crocs Men’s Yukon Mesa Slide Sandal

All Crocs brand shoes feature Croslite which is Crocs’ proprietary closed-cell resin. The Croslite material produces a comfortable, soft, superior-gripping, non-marking, lightweight, and odor-resistant shoes. These elements make Crocs perfect for casual wear, recreational use, and professional wear.

OluKai Ohana Flip Flops

The ‘Ohana sandals are made with all-natural materials. Contoured footbeds and an anatomical arch support provide instant, lasting comfort. OluKai builds their footwear suppoting the natural dimensions of the foot delivering the perfect balance.

Available in many colors

olukai ohana FF


Reef flip flops is a genuine surf brand that is very compassionate about surfing, the ocean, the perfect wave, and how to find it. Their inspiration harvests a lifestyle that creates authentic, innovative and fashionable products. Reef Slap 3 sandal has an EVA foot bed that is contoured to your foot offering heel-to-toe support.

reef slap FF


This Reef Flip Flops classic flip flop from Reef will keep up with any of your outdoor activities this warm-weather season. The leather design features topstitched straps and butted seams for extra detailing, a soft footbed for comfort, and a lightly tractioned sole that will take you wherever the day’s journey may lead.



Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flop is a lightweight sandal made from the same foam as a yoga mat. The sole is made from rubber and the thong has a cushioned footbed with a contrasting print on the strap.

sanuk yoga mat FF

Reef Fanning Mens Sandals | Bottle Opener Flip Flops For Men

The Reef Flip Flops Fanning Sandal is the only sandal with a bottle opener. Maximum comfort is embedded in this sandal with an anatomical arch support, heel airbag of 360-degrees, contoured EVA footbed, and a synthetic strap. Slip your feet into the ultimate comfort! The outsole is made of herringbone rubber giving this Reef Flip Flop durable traction control.

Reef Dream Sandals

4.3 out of 5 stars   1,315 customer reviews

 The sporty-chic Dreams sandal gets its name from the quilted, cushy, foam footbed that feels like a mattress than a shoe. A soft fabric toe post provides minimum irritation adding to the incredible comfort. The midsole is made of a flexible rubber enhancing the grip for traction.
reef dream FF


4.8 out of 5 stars   12 customer reviews

Under Armour’s Marbella Thong is designed for extreme comfort. It’s synthetic strap has a soft foam lining, the footbed is built with two layers of performance, and a 4D foam gives unprecedented all-day wear. It’s anatomical contours provide additional cushioning along with an outsole that is sculpted with EVA proving lightweight traction.


under armour FF


A make you feel better sandal with two-toned good looks you can wear all day, glossy uppers, bold colors, and a streamlined silhouette. Featuring oofoam technology and patented footbed design to take the stress off tired feet and joints.

OOfos flip flop.png

I encourage comments so please leave a comment or question below regarding flip flops. If you purchase a pair of flip flops let me know what you think! Enjoy your fun in the sun!






Sun Protection Hats


Girl in outdoor hatHats are fun to wear and boy do they make getting ready easy! Hats add value to any outfit and have many benefits. We typically see people wearing baseball caps but there is a whole world of different hats out there that really give the icing on the cake look.

With the sun and it’s intensity, it is important to protect ourselves from the harmful radiation that unfortunately travels with sunlight. Beauty and the beast! Thank goodness there are sun protection hats!

Instead of wearing a baseball cap this warm weather season, try something differentcoolibar ribbon hat that is safer. There are so many styles of hats and fun ones.

These types of hats can be dressed up or worn causally, like at the beach/pool or hanging out with friends at your favorite restaurant. They enhance your look and mood whether in shorts, sundress, or running around in a bathing suit.

Yes hats are stylish and fun but the most important hat is a UV Protection Hat! Most people think only the brim of the hat decreases sun exposure from our face but there’s a lot more involved with UV protection hats to keep us free and clear from a sunburn.

sunburnBaseball caps are great but for sun protection they don’t cover the ears or neck, typically where skin cancers develop. The best protection from the sun is a hat with a wide brim, at least 2-3 inches all around the hat. This wider brim protects your ears, forehead, neck, eyes, and top of head.

UV rays reflect off of water, snow, sand, and even below the water’s surface. Hats with a darker fabric on the underside of the brim helps decrease the amount of Ultraviolet rays that reach your face.

The fabric the hat is made out of is important in UV protection too. Tightly woven hats have more protection than straw or paper hats. If you can see light through your hat, UV can get in. sunscreenThe tighter the better!

What makes a hat sun protected? When a UV protection hat is developed, the fabric is infused with added ingredients, the same ingredients found in sunscreens. Some of these ingredients have sun-bouncing minerals to deflect the sun from your hat.


SPF means Sun Protection Factor which means how much time it takes for sun exposed skin that has sunscreen on it to become red, or burnt. UPF is a measure of UVA and UVB on fabric. It measures how long it takes for ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin through the fabric.

UPF is the accurate measurement for clothing, not SPF. If you see clothing that is advertising it is SPF protected, it is not fully protected. UPF 50 is the highest rating clothing can have. Clothing is the safest and most effective way to fight aging and skin cancer according to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

coolibar logo

Through lots of research I found a company by the name of Coolibar who is “the first company to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for sun protective clothing.

Their philosophy is developing fabric that is contemporary, made for fun and fitness, and MATTERS!

Coolibar develops leading industry fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, stretch, soft, cooling, anti-microbial, water repellent, and soft. All of their products use fabric that is UPF 50.

Check out these contemporary Coolibar Sun Protection Hats:


Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat – Sun Protective

This UPF 50+ hat is chlorine and saltwater resistant. It has a Velcro adjustable strap at the center back for a nice fit. The 3″ Brim offers great protection. Exact circumference is 22 3/4″ (S/M), 23 5/8″ (L). Caring for your hat is easy, hand wash and line dry!

coolibar red hat

Click here for Price


Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Reversible Bucket Hat – Sun Protective

This UPF 50+ reversible bucket hat is perfect for traveling. It is light-weight and wrinkle-resistant so you can pack it in your bag and it’s ready! Unique features are that is has invisible pockets to store your valuables while on the go or in the pool. Air holes and ventilated panels assist with maximum comfort.

coolibar cream hat
Click here for Price


Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Elegant Floppy Sun Hat – Sun Protective

Enjoy the view without the worry of sun with this elegant UV 50+ Floppy Sun Hat. You don’t have to worry about this durable hat flying off when traveling in a boat or a strong gust of wind with the pull of the adjustable string. Feel super protected from the sun with the 4″ brim. This beautiful floppy hat is available in two colors to compliment your cute summer dress or swimsuit.

coolibar brown floppyClick here for Price


Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Packable Travel Fedora – Sun Protective

This packable 100% Polyester Fedora Hat is UPF 50+ and perfect for traveling. It is light-weight and wrinkle-resistant so you can pack it in your bag and it’s ready! It provides extra air flow comfort with eyelets on both sides of the crown and has an internal sweatband. Approximate circumference: 22 3/8” (Medium), 23” (Large), 23 3/4” (X-Large), Brim 2 5/8″.

3.7 out of 5 stars 15 customer reviews

coolibar fedora hat
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Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Ribbon Hat – Sun Protective

Look classy and feel protected from the sun in this 100% Polyester Ribbon Hat featuring UPF 50+ Protection with it’s wide 5 1/4″ Brim. No worries on the hat flying away with it’s internal drawstring allowing you to adjust to the perfect fit.

coolibar ribbon hat
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Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Fairway Golf Hat – Sun Protective

This Natural Straw Golf Hat is uniquely trimmed with stylish finishing details and a leather trim. It is different than other golf hat’s with it’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection. It’s 3″ Brim provides facial coverage so no worries while playing golf. Like all of Coolibar’s Sun Hats, it is lightweight and provides maximum comfort. Circumference: S/M-22 1/2″; L/XL-23 1/2″; XXL-25″.

coolibar golf hatClick here for Price


Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s ST. Lucia Sun Hat – Sun Protective

This UPF 50+ Natural Fiber and Polyester Blend St. Lucia Sun Hat is sleek. Featuring a fully lined crown with a hidden drawstring for an adjustable fit. The 3 1/4″ Brim provides ultimate coverage while looking gorgeous. No worries on sweat, the sun hat has an internal sweatband. Approx. circumference: 22 1/2”; 3 1/4” Brim.

coolibar bl and wh sun hat
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Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Camo boonie Hat – Sun Protective

This 100% Cotton UPF 50+ Boonie Hat is great for the outdoors. It’s rugged style includes an internal sweatband and an adjustable elastic drawcord in the back center for a perfect fit. The chin strap is detachable. Approx. circumference: 22 3/8″ (Medium), 23 ¼” (Large), 24″ (X-Large), 3″ Brim.

coolibar camo hat
Click here for Price


I encourage comments so please leave a comment or question below regarding sun protection hats. If you purchase a sun protection hat, let me know what you think! Enjoy your fun in the sun!


Novelty Beach Towels


When choosing your personal beach towel, you want one that represents who you are, your personality. Are you a fun-loving free spirited individual or the more conservative type? Do you shop for quality or choose the fun beach towel that will engage the public?

What does your beach towel say about you?

smiling girl beachOver the years I have been fortunate to have ownership of various types of beach towels. My husband and I have been know to host many interesting pool parties. After a few margaritas and/or cervezas our friends tend to leave things behind. Oops!

From this fortunate irresponsibility of my closest friends, I’ve gotten to observe many varieties of beach towels. People really do have their own personal flavor when choosing what is best for them.

Who’s Beach Towel?

When you lay your beach towel over your lawn chair you are sending a mini personality trait about yourself to the other people around you. Think about it, how many times have you seen an interesting or flashy beach towel and wondered who’s it was?

With this in mind, think about how you are feeling this summer and which beach towel you will choose to showcase YOU!

Round Elephant Beach Towel

  • The Weekend Collection sure to turn heads
  • Superior quality towels will soak up loads of water and dry very quickly
  • These decorative towels make excellent throw, blankets and can be hung like tapestries on the wall
  • Extra Large 60 inch.

elephant towel


  • 100% Polyester Cashmere
  • EASY CARE – Machine Washable And Dryable
  • Maximum Softness, Absorbency And Durability
  • 80″ X 130″
  • Bright, Eye-catching Color, NO Color Fading, NO Shrinkage And NO Unravelling After Washing

black car beach towel


American Flag Lounging – Custom & Luxurious

  • 100% Cotton 36″ X 58″
  • made of the best Grade A materials
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • made of non-toxic materials
  • machine washable and dryable
american flag with eagle



  • 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Thick Bohemian and mandala style, refreshing and cozy
  • Polyester Fabric, super-absorbent and fast drying
  • Makes a great wall hanging, tablecloth, beach cover up, Dorm, couch cover or window curtain other Home Décor purposes
american flag with puppy beach towel.jpg


Towel Area 51 Towel Peace Love No War 1

  • 100% COTTON 30 “x 60 ” Wonder Towel
  • Houston we have a problem. Aliens are coming
  • Peace, Love and Space. No war on earth or interplanetarian war



  • Great for College Dorms or Apartments
  • Officially Licensed Beach Towel
  • Purchase from a trusted seller for guaranteed product quality and authenticity. You get what you pay for.

X Files beach towel

  • Measures 30″ x 60″
  • Printed with bright vibrant colors, ultra soft, cozy and absorbent
  • Perfect for the beach, bath and pool. Easy care, machine washable
  • Officially Licensed Dean Russo artwork
confident cat beach towel


Dean Russo 9 Lives Cat Cotton Beach Towel

  • Measures 30″ x 60″
  • Printed with bright vibrant colors, ultra soft, cozy and absorbent
  • Perfect for the beach, bath and pool. Easy care, machine washable
  • Officially Licensed Dean Russo artwork
Nine lives dean russo beach towel


Black Cat Large Cotton Beach Towel

  • 30 ” x 60 ” towel – 100% cotton one side – velour reactive printing
  • If you love cats, you have to have it
  • Beautiful and of high quality
  • Easy-to-care, machine washable; lasting colors

black cat large towel

Amazon’s Choice for “dog beach towel
  • Measures 30″ x 60″
  • Printed with bright vibrant colors, ultra soft, cozy and absorbent
  • Perfect for the beach, bath and pool. Easy care, machine washable
  • Officially Licensed Dean Russo artwork
Dean Russo Love and a Dog German


Dean Russo Rescues Are My Favorite Breed

Amazon’s Choice for “rescues are my favorite breed

  • Measures 30″ x 60″
  • Printed with bright vibrant colors, ultra soft, cozy and absorbent
  • Perfect for the beach, bath and pool
  • Easy care, machine washable Officially Licensed Dean Russo artwork

rescue dog beach towel


Dean Russo Perfect World Every Dog Has a Home Cotton 

  •  Measures 30″ x 60″
  • Printed with bright vibrant colors, ultra soft, cozy and absorbent
  • Perfect for the beach, bath and pool. Easy care, machine washable
  • Officially Licensed Dean Russo artwork

Dean Russo Savvy Lab Cotton Beach Towel  

  •  Measures 30″ x 60″
  • Printed with bright vibrant colors, ultra soft, cozy and absorbent
  • Perfect for the beach, bath and pool. Easy care, machine washable
  • Officially Licensed Dean Russo artwork
lab beach towel dean russo

  • Cotton Terry 28″ X 58″
  • Imported
  • Soft and Absorbent cotton terry fabric
  • Printed logo design
  • Light weight and easy to fold and transport
black star wars beach towel 


Star Wars Beach Towel – “Friends Of The Force”

  • Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ characters graphic
  • Soft and absorbent 100-percent cotton towel
  • Perfect for a day at the beach or next to the pool

star wars rogue one


  •  30″x 60″
  • Super soft 100% polyester front
  • 100% cotton on back
  • Machine wash
monster truck beach towel


  • Fleece beach towel
  • 38″ x 58″
  • Officially licensed KISS product
  • Cool Live On Stage design (one-sided print). Unprinted side is white.
  • Soft 100% polyester
KISS beach towel

  •  High quality print, vivid colors
  •  Lightweight and quick drying
  •  Ultra Soft
bob marley beach towel


  • Perfect for the beach, pool, lake—even the bath
  • 5 feet wide and ultra-soft
  • Durable, washing machine friendly fabric

pizza beach towel



I encourage comments so please leave a comment or question below regarding beach towels. If you purchase a novelty beach towel, let me know what you think! Enjoy your fun in the sun!








Beach and Pool Gear

Hi, my name is Kristy and I am a self-employed Affiliate Marketer that does my best to provide educational tips and products that Make a Difference to communities! Enjoy learning, reading, browsing!

Cool breezes, beautiful bright blue skies, seagulls soaring through the wind.. Ahhh beach and pool time is near. Whether you are lounging on a beach chair, sitting on the sand, or playing Frisbee against the wind, being outdoors is always calming for the soul.

caribbean-beach-1941529__340.jpgWe work very hard and look forward to our time off so we can enjoy our family and friends. Having fun and relaxing outdoors can be a great memorable experience.

A day spent by the pool or the beach can be very therapeutic and well needed but we also need to think about tomorrow. Especially if we are on vacation for several days. One fun day in the sun can mean a painful day tomorrow unless we are prepared.

At Beach n Pool Gear you will find everything you need to get ready for the summer and vacation! Enjoy your fun day at the beach, pool, park, or any activity outdoors. With a little preparation you can relax with no worries.

beach-woman-swing-2858720__340.jpgI have provided educational tips, safety products, best travel destinations, cheap airfare, and products that will benefit you as well as “Make a Difference!”

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful Caribbean, visit Best Caribbean Destinations and Travel Cancun, to explore many of the popular islands and things to do. You can even purchase Discount Airfare and Hotel accommodations from Beach n Pool Gear too.

My whole focus is helping others.


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It’s a One Stop Beach Shop featuring SAFE outdoor products that “Make a Difference,” and informative travel information to help you choose which gorgeous beach to travel to!

This year be ready to go at a moments notice and feel sexy, confident and SAFE.

When I think of the beach I think of family and friends having a good time and creating fond memories. These memories are now very dear to me.


chase dean me beachchase cold






High Quality Beach Towels

What is Your Main Goal When Out in the Sun?

When we get out in the sun and are relaxing on a lawn chair by a pool, laying out on the sand at the beach, sitting in the grass or back of a tailgate at a park or sporting event, or any outdoor activity our main goal is to be comfortable.Sand cloud towels

In 2014, three young men who had a mission for the simple beach life in San Diego created Sand Cloud. Sand Cloud creates high quality beach towels with unique bohemian patterns and superior functions. Every towel is one of a kind and hand-loomed in Turkey with 100% extra soft luxurious Turkish cotton.

Turkish Cotton!

Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton. The beach towels are woven with longer fibers than your average towel for smoother and stronger cotton threads. This makes it super absorbent, soft, and lightweight – everything you could ask for in a towel.

The cotton improves the more it is used, so a few washes will actually make the towel fluffier, softer, and more absorbent.

sand cloud imageDries half the time!

This luxury beach towel dries half the time as a regular towel, and can absorb up to a liter of water. You can count on the colors to remain nice and bright wash after wash.

The creators work with top artisans to develop a stylish bohemian design filled with vibrant beautiful colors.

Many Uses!

These high quality beach towels are perfect for many uses such as a throw rug, blanket, sarong, and are very popularly used as an eye-catching tapestry, perfect for a bedroom or dorm room.

You can take them anywhere: picnics, yoga, beach, camping, festivals, parks and recreation, outdoor sporting events, hiking, wherever your life takes you!

Sand Free Beach Towel!

As mentioned before, the towel is a SAND RESISTANT beach towel! You simply shake the sand off the towel.

What is special about the Sand Cloud beach towels is their mission to preserve marine life and protect the ocean. Sand Cloud’s goal is to expand globally to help make a bigger difference with marine life.

Sand Cloud donates 10% of their net profits to non-profit organizations:

 sea.turtleHawaii Wildlife Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Hawaii’s fragile marine inhabitants, ecosystem, and the conservation of native wildlife. One of their recovery projects is the Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery Project. They monitor the nesting of the hawksbill sea turtle which is listed as endangered worldwide and needs protection

Pacific Marine Mammal is one of Sand Cloud’s main partners. They rescue, rehabilitate,  and release marine mammals back into the ocean once they start competing for food and have reached an optimal, healthy weight. One of their projects is rescuing seals that get washed up on the beach.

marine.mammalMarine Conservation Institute is an non-profit organization dedicated to securing strong permanent protection for the oceans. Many people don’t realize that our oceans are our life support system. Every breath we take comes from the ocean. It is vital to humanity to take care of the marine ecosystems to preserve human survival.

San Diego Coastkeeper protects and restores drinkable , swimmable, and fishable waters in San Diego County. They engage in identifying solutions to water supply problems and urban runoff and are known as the regions’ clean water watchdogs.

shark tank image for sand

On February 2017, three of the founders of Sand Cloud appeared on Shark Tank. Robert Herjavec was so impressed with the high quality unique luxury beach towels that he made an offer.

The goal for Sand Cloud was to sell $7 million by the end of the year and donate $1 million to non-profit organizations that protect marine life.

save the fishies

Not only do you get a high quality beach towel, you are also proudly CONTRIBUTING TO PRESERVING MARINE LIFE!

We make towels that make a difference!




As Seen on Shark Tank

pink purple yellow tapestry beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank

black tapestry beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank

round tie dye tapestry beach towel


 4.5 out of 5 stars 

As Seen on Shark Tank
Peach sand cloud beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
Lilac beach towel SC


As Seen on Shark Tank

grey tapestry beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank

blue tapestry beach towel



As Seen on Shark Tank

strawberry tie die beach towel


As seen on Shark Tank    

 blue and green tapestry beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
emerald green beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
luna tie dye sand cloud beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
mint baja beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
burgundy classic stripes beach towel SC


I encourage comments so please leave a comment or question below regarding Sand Cloud Beach Towels. If you purchase a beach towel let us know what you think! Enjoy your fun in the sun! 🙂


sand cloud yoga

Sand cloud room to gosand cloud on the gosave the fishies

shark tank image for sand