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What is Your Main Goal When Out in the Sun?

When we get out in the sun and are relaxing on a lawn chair by a pool, laying out on the sand at the beach, sitting in the grass or back of a tailgate at a park or sporting event, or any outdoor activity our main goal is to be comfortable.Sand cloud towels

In 2014, three young men who had a mission for the simple beach life in San Diego created Sand Cloud. Sand Cloud creates high quality beach towels with unique bohemian patterns and superior functions. Every towel is one of a kind and hand-loomed in Turkey with 100% extra soft luxurious Turkish cotton.

Turkish Cotton!

Turkey is known for producing some of the highest quality cotton. The beach towels are woven with longer fibers than your average towel for smoother and stronger cotton threads. This makes it super absorbent, soft, and lightweight – everything you could ask for in a towel.

The cotton improves the more it is used, so a few washes will actually make the towel fluffier, softer, and more absorbent.

sand cloud imageDries half the time!

This luxury beach towel dries half the time as a regular towel, and can absorb up to a liter of water. You can count on the colors to remain nice and bright wash after wash.

The creators work with top artisans to develop a stylish bohemian design filled with vibrant beautiful colors.

Many Uses!

These high quality beach towels are perfect for many uses such as a throw rug, blanket, sarong, and are very popularly used as an eye-catching tapestry, perfect for a bedroom or dorm room.

You can take them anywhere: picnics, yoga, beach, camping, festivals, parks and recreation, outdoor sporting events, hiking, wherever your life takes you!

Sand Free Beach Towel!

As mentioned before, the towel is a SAND RESISTANT beach towel! You simply shake the sand off the towel.

What is special about the Sand Cloud beach towels is their mission to preserve marine life and protect the ocean. Sand Cloud’s goal is to expand globally to help make a bigger difference with marine life.

Sand Cloud donates 10% of their net profits to non-profit organizations:

 sea.turtleHawaii Wildlife Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Hawaii’s fragile marine inhabitants, ecosystem, and the conservation of native wildlife. One of their recovery projects is the Hawksbill Sea Turtle Recovery Project. They monitor the nesting of the hawksbill sea turtle which is listed as endangered worldwide and needs protection

Pacific Marine Mammal is one of Sand Cloud’s main partners. They rescue, rehabilitate,  and release marine mammals back into the ocean once they start competing for food and have reached an optimal, healthy weight. One of their projects is rescuing seals that get washed up on the beach.

marine.mammalMarine Conservation Institute is an non-profit organization dedicated to securing strong permanent protection for the oceans. Many people don’t realize that our oceans are our life support system. Every breath we take comes from the ocean. It is vital to humanity to take care of the marine ecosystems to preserve human survival.

San Diego Coastkeeper protects and restores drinkable , swimmable, and fishable waters in San Diego County. They engage in identifying solutions to water supply problems and urban runoff and are known as the regions’ clean water watchdogs.

shark tank image for sand

On February 2017, three of the founders of Sand Cloud appeared on Shark Tank. Robert Herjavec was so impressed with the high quality unique luxury beach towels that he made an offer.

The goal for Sand Cloud was to sell $7 million by the end of the year and donate $1 million to non-profit organizations that protect marine life.

save the fishies

Not only do you get a high quality beach towel, you are also proudly CONTRIBUTING TO PRESERVING MARINE LIFE!

We make towels that make a difference!




As Seen on Shark Tank

pink purple yellow tapestry beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank

black tapestry beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank

round tie dye tapestry beach towel


 4.5 out of 5 stars 

As Seen on Shark Tank
Peach sand cloud beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
Lilac beach towel SC


As Seen on Shark Tank

grey tapestry beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank

blue tapestry beach towel



As Seen on Shark Tank

strawberry tie die beach towel


As seen on Shark Tank    

 blue and green tapestry beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
emerald green beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
luna tie dye sand cloud beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
mint baja beach towel


As Seen on Shark Tank
burgundy classic stripes beach towel SC


I encourage comments so please leave a comment or question below regarding Sand Cloud Beach Towels. If you purchase a beach towel let us know what you think! Enjoy your fun in the sun! 🙂


sand cloud yoga

Sand cloud room to gosand cloud on the gosave the fishies

shark tank image for sand



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