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Hats are just as important and fun as the clothes you choose to wear every day. They can add that completed look like a piece of jewelry and offer a great conversation piece. When you put a hat on, you are creating an image of yourself.

Many of us have loads of enthralling caps and hats that have been part of our wardrobe for years. There’s usually a hat or two laying around several rooms in my house.

hat-woman.jpgChoosing a hat is a representation of who you are; you’re humor, favorite sport team, movie or band, a foundation you support, or simply because you just had to get it.

There all numerous types of hats available from baseball caps, cowboy hats, sunhats, etc., the list goes on and on. I was fortunate to get a picture of my son in a sombrero last year on his 21st birthday. It’s priceless now!

My son wore hats all the time. And I mean, all the time. It was rare for him not to be seen without a hat on. He had a variety of charismatic hats and if you put them all together, you would  definitely get a sense of his personality.

My son’s engaging hats became very popular. All of his friends and family wanted one of his hats to have as a wonderful memory. I, luckily, hid two of his hats for my own personal keepsake. I look at them all the time and it brings a warm feeling to my heart.

A Little Hat History:

Hats have been in wardrobes for centuries although it is unknown how far back the first hat was created. Historically, hats indicated social status and societal rankings. A stylish hat represented elegance and self-esteem.

historical-hat.jpgInteresting Hat Facts:

  • In London, black taxies have a higher ceiling so a man won’t have to remove his hat for the ride
  • Umpires wore top hats in the middle of the 19th century baseball games
  • Chef hats were traditionally made with 100 pleats which represented over a hundred ways to cook an egg
  • In 1797, a man who wore one of the first top hats was arrested for scaring people
  • Horned helmets were never worn by the Vikings
  • If you wear a hat while dancing in Fargo, North Dakota, you are breaking the law

Cute! I learned something about hats! 🙂



Galaxy All Over Print Snapback

KB Ethos hat

This vibrant 100% polyester snapback Galaxy Print hat has adjustable straps.

 5.0 out of 5 stars 



Rose BAD HAIR DAY Baseball Cap – Embroidery Patch

bad hair day pink hat


5.0 out of 5 stars

This 100% Cotton embroidered vintage hat has a distressed look with a flattering shape and adjustable back.



WITHMOONS Summer Palm Tree


all we have is now hatThis 100% Polyester hat has a raised embroidered back and adjustable back. It is made of cool hem, perfect for the summer.


Star Wars Baseball Hat – Logo Black Adjustable Cap

star wars hat

This licensed hat is embroidered with 100% Cotton and has an adjustable strap.

4.7 out of 5 stars



Houston Astros World Series 2017 Hat

Astros WS hat
This 100% Polyester hat is officially licensed with a comfort fit.

 4.0 out of 5 stars



White Glitter Beach Hair Don’t Care Black Baseball Cap w/Rhinestones

beach hair hat

This super cute 100% Cotton hat is perfect for beach lovers. It is made of white glitter lettering and has an adjustable back.

 5.0 out of 5 stars



Arsmt Cat Drinks Beer

cat beer hat


Maze Women’s Ripped Denim Baseball Cap

hat CZ ladies
This sparkly fashionable embroidered Cotton hat is suitable for all ages and has 8 available colors.



Maze Fancy Star Zirconia Overlay Baseball Cap

pink CZ Star ladies hat

This fashionable sparkly Polyester hat is suitable for all ages and has 5 available colors.


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