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Cool breezes, beautiful bright blue skies, seagulls soaring through the wind.. Ahhh beach and pool time is near. Whether you are lounging on a beach chair, sitting on the sand, or playing Frisbee against the wind, being outdoors is always calming for the soul.

caribbean-beach-1941529__340.jpgWe work very hard and look forward to our time off so we can enjoy our family and friends. Having fun and relaxing outdoors can be a great memorable experience.

A day spent by the pool or the beach can be very therapeutic and well needed but we also need to think about tomorrow. Especially if we are on vacation for several days. One fun day in the sun can mean a painful day tomorrow unless we are prepared.

At Beach n Pool Gear you will find everything you need to get ready for the summer and vacation! Enjoy your fun day at the beach, pool, park, or any activity outdoors. With a little preparation you can relax with no worries.

beach-woman-swing-2858720__340.jpgI have provided educational tips, safety products, best travel destinations, cheap airfare, and products that will benefit you as well as “Make a Difference!”

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful Caribbean, visit Best Caribbean Destinations and Travel Cancun, to explore many of the popular islands and things to do. You can even purchase Discount Airfare and Hotel accommodations from Beach n Pool Gear too.

My whole focus is helping others.


Enjoy your day in the sun with highly recommended products to keep you safe and comfortable!


Consumer Reports Tested Sunscreens


Top Rated Sunless Tanners


Woman’s UV Protected Swimwear and Cover Ups

UPF50 Rash Guards for Men and Women

Elegant Swimsuit Cover Ups

Sun Protection Hats


Most Comfortable Flip Flops


Designer UV Protected Sunglasses by Diff

Ray Ban Sunglasses


High Quality Beach Towels

Novelty Beach Towels


Beach & Pool Accessories


Sun Protection Hats

Captivating Hats


Beach Safety and Kids

Pet Safety at the Beach

Safety, First Aid, and Survival Kits

Personal Safety Alarms


Water Toys for Kids

Beach Safety and Kids


Travel Cancun

Cozumel Vacations 

Cheap Flights Travel Deals

What is Your Best Caribbean Vacation?

Best Caribbean Destinations

Is Mexico Safe to Travel to

It’s a One Stop Beach Shop featuring SAFE outdoor products that “Make a Difference,” and informative travel information to help you choose which gorgeous beach to travel to!

This year be ready to go at a moments notice and feel sexy, confident and SAFE.

When I think of the beach I think of family and friends having a good time and creating fond memories. These memories are now very dear to me.


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