Tie Dye Shirt

When I see a Tie Dye Shirt I immediately think fun! There is something about all the vibrant colors blended together that promotes an upbeat, happy attitude. Tie Dye Shirts have been around for centuries. I remember wearing them as a kid and to this day I see them all the time.

peace-sign-2656971__340.pngTie Dye Shirts are often associated with the hippie lifestyle and the Woodstock era but they are actually from China and are most popular in Asian countries. The shirts represent free love, a life full of experimenting, and counterculture.

The Tie Dye Shirt first appeared in the United States in the 1920s and are still very popular today all over the world in multiple cultures. They exist in numerous styles and patterns with an array of psychedelic colors ranging across the rainbow.

The 1960 era is most associated with Tie Dye shirts. I remember watching movies from the 60s and seeing men and women with their Tie Dye shirts on grooving to music and expressing their individuality. Concert halls made banners covered in all the different colors used in making Tie Dye shirts.

Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, Mamma Cass, Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and many more have been seen many times wearing Tie Dye shirts.

tie-dye-heart-1301837__340.pngTie Dye shirts are inexpensive and no two shirts are ever alike. That’s pretty impressive. Even when the exact colors and folding are used, the shirt never turns out the same.

Tie Dye Shirts are often seen in vivid bright colors, black and white, and pastel shirts are available. With increasing technology, the dye’s used in creating the shirts are much better than years ago and the colors don’t fade as quick.

Today, Tie Dye Shirts still remain a symbol of peace, freedom, and inner exploration.








Why purchase a tie dye shirt when you can make your own? Making tie dye shirts is very affordable, easy, and super fun. Great for birthday parties, summer camps, slumber parties, family events, or a relaxing solo activity.

Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Party Kit

  • Kit includes tie-dye supplies to create up to 36 projects
  • Features 18 squeeze bottles of nontoxic dyes in 14 popular colors
  • Do not have to presoak fabrics before dyeing
  • Includes step-by-step instructions featuring 8 tie-dye styles to choose from
  • Dyes are machine washable – colors remain bright and bold after repeated washings
  • Use with 100% natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and rayon for best results
  • Perfect for large parties


Jacquard Tie Dye Kit

  • Create groovy,  colorful tie-dye shirts 
  • Suitable for all ages, this kit will tie dye 15 adult-size shirts
  • Contains vinyl gloves, soda ash dye fixer, rubber bands, and how-to instructions DVD
  • For ages 8 and up with adult supervision
  • Jacquard has been the leading manufacturer of artist quality textile for over 30 years


Tulip One-Step 5 Color Tie-Dye Kits Rainbow

  • Kit includes tie-dye supplies for 30 projects
  • Features 5 squeeze bottles of nontoxic dyes and 5 refill packets 
  • Do not have to presoak fabrics before dyeing
  • Includes step-by-step instructions featuring 8 tie-dye styles to choose from
  • Dyes are machine washable – colors remain bright and bold after repeated washings
  • Use with 100% natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and rayon for best results
  • Perfect project alone or with the entire family



Rather than purchase a tie dye shirt why not have fun and make one? They are fun for the whole family and perfect for a solo project, large party, slumber party, summer camp, birthday party, etc.

Here are Step by Step Instructions to make a tie dye shirt.

  1. Choose what you are going to die dye.
  2. Pick the design and technique for your shirt. If you would like to see a tutorial before getting started, check these out for ideas.
    1. 50 Tie Dye Craft Projects
    2. 35 Easy Tie Dye Patterns to Dye For
    3. 232 Tie Dye Instructions and Projects
    4. 24 Tie Dye Techniques: Free Tie Dye Patterns
    5. 23 Cool Tie Dye Ideas
  3. Gather Your Supplies
    • T-shirt
    • Latex Gloves
    • Twine or Rubber Bands
    • Paper Towels
    • Plastic to cover your working area
    • Ziplock Bag
    • A Plastic Tub or Bucket to Tie Dye your shirt in
  4. Choose which tie dye colors you will use. The design you choose will determine how many colors you need for your project.
    1. Keep it simple with choosing just a few colors/dyes. The less dyes the better chance your shirt will look great.
    2. Choose colors that complement each other: blues and greens, reds and yellows.
  5. Get your work area ready. This can be quite messy. You are working with permanent dyes so make sure your area is safe. Consider kids and pets. Working outside or in a garage is recommended. Cover up your table with plastic or a tarp to protect it. Put your apron on.
  6. Choose which folding technique you will be using. The TIE part of this project is very important. It will determine the pattern and the overall look. You can free-style or choose a pattern with some of the following folding techniques. Go ahead and get your shirt ready using Rubber Bands or Twine to fold your shirt.
    1. Banding Technique
    2. Polka Dot Technique
    3. Swirl Technique
    4. Heart Technique
    5. Ombre Technique
    6. Crumble Technique
    7. Bullseye Technique
    8. Splatter Technique 
    9. Gradation Technique
    10. Striped Technique
    11. Sunburst Technique
  7. Get Ready –  Put on your gloves
  8. Apply the dye to your shirt. After you have tied your shirt, it is ready for dyeing. Follow the instructions according to the folding technique. Remember to try not to cross contaminate your colors so it doesn’t turn into one dull color, like brown. Squirt a generous amount of the dye onto your shirt allowing it time to soak in before adding more. Be creative and rotate the colors. Turn your shirt over and apply dye to the other side if necessary. Have fun!
  9. Put your shirt in the ziplock bag and leave it overnight. The longer the better. The dye will have time to penetrate into the cloth. I recommend 24 hours.
  10. Prepare your work area again and apply gloves. Be sure to use a plastic bag to cover your work space. Remove your shirt from the bag and unfold the shirt. Untie your rubber bands and/or twine with your fingers or carefully with scissors. If using scissors, be very careful not to cut your shirt. BE PREPARED for a lot of dye to seep out. Discard the bag, rubber bands, and twine.
  11. Rinse your shirt thoroughly under cold water. Rinse several times. If you are using a bucket, empty the bucket and get fresh water. Keep rinsing your shirt until the water is clear. Now it is time to wash your shirt. Put your washing machine on the largest load, even though it is only one shirt. Use hot water and just a little bit of soap.
  12. Air dry your shirt.
  13. Be proud and wear your very own Tie Dye Shirt!



Cozumel Vacations

Cozumel is an absolutely charming island in the breath-taking Caribbean Sea. It is the largest Caribbean island in Mexico and is located along the Yucatan Peninsula on the eastern side. Cozumel’s turquoise clear waters and powdery beaches make Cozumel a must visit destination.

cozumel-chankanaab2.jpgIf you are looking for a real vacation to relax and forget about life, Cozumel is the place. It is much different than it’s sister island, Cancun. Both are breathtakingly beautiful but Cozumel has a very calming atmosphere.

cozumel-chankanaab2.jpgCozumel is mostly a flat island that stretches 30 miles long and 9.9 miles wide. The highest point reaches only 49 feet above sea level.

One half of the island is covered with dense tropical forest and is mostly uninhabited. Beautiful beaches reside on this side of the island and it’s a great place to drive around during the day.

There are several super cool tropical beach bars located up and down the coast with access to the water if you want to get wet. Each bar has its own unique personality, you will certainly enjoy!

Be sure to bring cash, this half of the island runs on generators and they want to keep it this way. If Cozumel is hit by a disastrous hurricane, the hurricane approaches on this side first.

cozumel-coconuts2.jpgMy favorite beach bar on this side of the island is Coconuts. To get to the bar/restaurant you must take a very short walk upstairs through the forest.

cozumel-coconuts-entrance2The walk is filled with humorous signs posted on palm trees that will definitely get the party started. There is a discount on your ticket if you dare to share a picture of your “coconuts!” Females only. 🙂

A tropical monsoon climate keeps the island looking nice and green. It isn’t uncommon for a stray shower to quickly move in and quickly move out. No need to let a dark cloud hamper your plans.

Cozumel has a brief dry season from February to April and even then, a shower can be experienced. The coldest weather is around a beautiful 73 degrees during the months of December through February. Can’t complain about that!

cozumel-fishing-2307312__340.jpgThe island’s income is based on tourism, fishing, and diving with scuba diving being the main attractions for visitors. It is known to arguably have the best diving in the world.

Cozumel has a beautiful healthy coral reef that is protected by the islands natural geography and the ocean. It is easy to see the brilliant colors of the reef and colorful marine life and fishes because of the shallow reef.

The Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park was developed in 1996 to forbid anyone from removing or touching the marine life in the parks boundaries.

cozumel-plaza-3270504__340.jpgCozumel is home to over 300 restaurants and there are a vast amounts of hotels, resorts, condos, villas, and all-inclusive hot spots. Centrally located is the plaza filled with several bars, tequila tasting, Cuban cigars, restaurants, jewelry shops, disco’s, souvenir spots, outdoor stages, and more.

Cozumel’s cuisine is rich with variety and super delicious! A very popular restaurant right now is Guido’s, an Italian cuisine. I highly recommend it.

Another great place to check out that has live entertainment 7 days a week and the best nachos I have ever had is Woody’s. Both of these restaurants are located within walking distance from the main plaza. If you are seeking one of the famous fresh fruit frozen yumminess cocktails, Wet Wendy’s will have everything you desire! frozen-drink-cozumel.jpg

Cozumel can get a bit congested with the cruise ships continuously sailing in. You will know without a doubt if a boat has ported by the hustle and bustle of tourists along the waterway. The plaza shops stay busy most of the year.

A great time to visit the plaza is when the ships leave so you can get the real feel of the island. On Sunday’s, in the central plaza there is live music and dancing on the stage where Cozumelenos and tourists all celebrate together.

villa-lloyd.jpgIn my opinion, Cozumel is one of the most affordable Caribbean destinations to visit. We usually rent a house or a villa on the water and load up on groceries, water, beer, wine, and authentic food items at the Mega Grocery store which is one of the 3 grocery stores on the island.

We enjoy making homemade guacamole and pico-de-gallo daily with Mexico’s finest vegetables that seem to always be at there ripest!

Liquor can be purchased in the grocery stores as well and my husband and I were super happy with the wine selection. If you happen to travel to Cozumel on a Sunday, the grocery stores close early so plan accordingly.

There is a great fish market that brings in fresh caught fish every morning at dawn. Get there quick to get the best fish! The prices are super cheap!

cozumel-sunset.jpgThe sunsets are amazing on the island and produce glowing pink and blue colors I don’t see at home. Make yourself a margarita and sit outside to watch the spectacular view. Don’t forget the camera!

According to the U.S. News & World Report, Cozumel is ranked:

  • #2 – Best Beaches in Mexico
  • #6 – Best Affordable Wedding Destination Spots
  • #7 – Best Places to Visit in Mexico
  • #8 – Best Affordable Winter Vacations
  • #18 – Best Islands in the World

As stated earlier, scuba diving is Cozumel’s main attraction. There are also glass bottom boats to enjoy, calm shores to simply relax on, hiking trips in ecological parks, Mayan ruins to explore, charter a fishing boat or an evening cruise on a yacht, para-sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, kite surfing, and swim with the dolphins.



The InterContinental® Presidente Cozumel Resort & Spa hotel is a 4.5 Star Rated beautiful All Inclusive hotel in the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean island. You can relax in the tranquil spa, swim in the beach side infinity pool, or be the elegant hostess in the lush ballrooms or gardens.

cozumel-chankanaab2.jpgDining options vary from gourmet Italian, authentic Mexican, or contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. You can scuba dive and snorkel with their acclaimed expert instructors at the hotel’s Scuba Du dive center which offers reef diving and snorkeling trips.

secrets-cozumel.jpgSecrets Aura Cozumel, the only adult’s only luxurious resort on the island and the #1 Rated All-Inclusive Resort from Trip Advisor. Secrets Aura Cozumel is for those adults seeking an intimate secluded experience where you can bask in the quiet coveted Unlimited-Luxury accommodations Secrets Aura Cozumel has to offer, a true Caribbean getaway.

Fiesta Americana Cozumel All Inclusive is a 4.4 rated resort that reigns #2 on Trip Advisor, perfect for the whole family. It has a great location nestled in the tropical forest and near the town but just far away to not be distracted.

fiesta-americana.jpgKeep the family busy at the private Beach Club, the Teens Club, Kids club, movie theater, and much more. The beach is full of life and a perfect place to engage in the activities Fiesta Americana offers.

Relax by the pool or practice your snorkeling or diving. The accommodations are unique making it an ideal place to harmoniously make a trip of your lifetime.

Choose to savor the delicious flavors of Italian, Mexican, or Asian cuisine. Several bars are located in the resort to quench your thirst and inspire a unique beverage of choice.




The taxi service is similar as in other Mexican towns. They are not regulated and you will hear a different price every time. Be sure to ask the driver how much before getting into the car. If you don’t think it is a fair price, smile and kindly negotiate your offer. You will win. 🙂

We always rent a Jeep at the airport. There are several car rental places that provide very quick services. We rented our jeep in less than 10 minutes! Jeeps are fun to rent, especially when you are traveling to the other side of the island. Take down the tops and be free! 🙂

You will see many mopeds around the island. Sometimes, a whole family is located on one vehicle. 🙂 Mopeds can be rented daily to tour the island, just be careful and always wear a helmet, it is the law.


isla-mujeres-cancun-ultramar-ferryThe Ultramar Ferry is a very large, air-conditioned, clean, super comfortable ferry that leaves every hour to take passengers to Playa Del Carmen or Isla Mujeres. Why not visit all 3 beautiful islands while on your trip?

I was very impressed with this ferry. The service was professional and they had waiters to offer a cocktail. Yes, the ferry has cold beer, wine, and a full bar! Our fair was around $15 USD for a Round Trip ticket to Playa Del Carmen which took about 35 minutes to get across the water. Not bad!

You can contact them: 52 1(998) 293-9092 and their Hours of Operation are 24 hours, 365 days a year.



Ecological Beach Park, Faro Celerian Punta Sur

iguanidae-194862__340.jpgA very popular thing to do in Cozumel is visit the Ecological Beach Park, Faro Celerian Punta Sur. It is actually the #1 Best Thing to do in Cozumel. It is located at the southern tip of the island and covers 2500 acres of park. It is home to sea turtles, exotic birds, crocodiles, indigenous animal species, and iguanas.

Make time to visit the maritime museum by the Faro Celerian Lighthouse and the El Caracol Mayan ruins. After a day of visiting the park, throw on your swimsuit and relax by the quiet waters at Laguna Columbia.

Palancar Beach

palancar.jpgAnother Best Thing to do in Cozumel is visit Palancar Beach, one of the best beach spots in Cozumel and very popular for its acclaimed water sports. At Palancar, you can rent kayaks, snorkel, go sailing, diving, or just simply hang out on the powdery sand and relax listening to the sound of the waves.

reef-snorkeling-377390__340.jpgPalancar is very famous for its snorkeling and diving. You can charter or simply swim at your own risk above the coral reef. Chartering is recommended because the crew knows the terrain very well and can show you the best spots to see the vast sea life beneath the waters of the Caribbean.

Paradise Beach

cozumel-beach-bar.jpgAnother very popular beach in Cozumel is Paradise Beach. This can get quite busy, especially if a cruise boat is in town. Arrive early to get a great chair.

paradise-beach.jpgThere is much fun to encounter at Paradise Beach: numerous inflatable water toys for your convenience, kayaks, snorkeling gear, paddle boards, water trampolines, and a coconut tree to climb. When you need a cold beverage and something to eat, beach side/poolside food and beverage is available.


Discover Mexico Park Cozumel

cozumel-discover-mexico.jpgIf you want to see a vast majority of Mexico but don’t have the time, visit Discover Mexico. The park exhibits models of the countries famous destinations, Mayan Ruins of Tulum and Mexico City’s popular Mexican Cathedral.

There are tortilla making classes to conquer your tortilla making skills and the very popular, tequila tasting! 🙂


Stingray Beach

Swim with the Stingrays at this wonderful destination, Stingray Beach. The stingrays are very mellow and beautiful and don’t worry, their barbs are clipped. The staff is very interactive, informative, and provides wonderful history about these beautiful creatures. They will calm any anxious nerves you may have about the stingray.


There are rumors that Stingray Beach gets very busy so you may want to make this a first stop.

Chankanaab Park Cozumel

Chankanaab Park Cozumel has many exciting adventures outdoor activities to choose from. Engage yourself in the  snorkeling and diving tours, dolphin encounters, zip lining, a tequila tasting factory, nature trails, gardens, a relaxing beach, and lovely grounds for relaxing. Many experienced divers charter their own dives and begin here.

There is basically something for everyone in Cozumel. It is one of the most relaxing and laid back beach travel destinations I have visited. It is so beautiful and tranquil. The workers treat you so great and are very grateful for tourists.

Crime in Cozumel is minimal, hence it is an island, you can’t escape! 🙂 You should feel very safe but always travel with extreme caution no matter where you are! Visit Is Mexico Safe to Travel and get the latest travel warnings. You can also sign up for STEP, The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. Always smart to be safe when you travel anywhere.


Travel Cancun


If you are looking for a Caribbean destination with tropical beaches, pumping nightlife, great weather, and endless accommodations, Cancun is a great choice. Cancun is, and has been for years, one of the top tourists hot spots in the world.

cancun-beachCancun is surrounded by blue waters. One side of Cancun has the turquoise ocean view and the other side has the dark blue waters of the lagoon.

The beaches are absolutely breath taking and Cancun is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world making Cancun a great scuba diving and snorkeling location.

The reefs are shallow making it easy to see the brilliant colors of coral down below and the beautiful variety of colorful fishes.

If you want to be in the middle of the breathtaking light-blue Caribbean water, you can rent a boat, catamaran, go fishing or sailing, or take a cruise.

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Things to Do in Cancun

A full day at an all-natural water park is a must on Things to Do and explore in Cancun. Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Chichen Itza, and Discover Tulum are the TOP and awesome activities while visiting Cancun.


Xcaret Park Cancun – this magical place is fun for everyone. It’s 25 attractions make it impossible to not have a great time making it a great place for kids. What is so special about Xcaret is that it is centered around the Mayan culture: it’s wildlife, traditions, and architecture.

cenote-lady.jpgFill your day with snorkeling, underground rivers, cenotes, relaxing on the beach or inlet, grottos, aviary, the Mayan center, butterflies, and loads of activities. At night there is an incredible show for everyone to enjoy!

Book Xcaret Tickets here and enjoy Xcaret’s Eco-archaeological Park with Mexican traditions, colors and tastes. Fun for the entire family with underground rivers, shows and exhibitions.

Save 15% Online Presale

Xel-Ha – if you are looking for a relaxing day exploring the spectacular aquatic life, flowing rivers underground, lagoons, creeks, and ancient caves, Xel-Ha is perfect. You can snorkel eye-to-eye with natural exotic marine life and admire the breathtaking waters of the underworld. Xel-ha is home to numerous tropical fishes and colorful species.

cancun-fish.jpgThere is also rope bridging, cliff diving, kayaking, hiking, bicycling, and the all natural underground sink-holes, cenotes. Or you can relax in a lounge chair and soak up the Mexican culture.

There are many International and Mexican buffets, snacks, and yummy beverages to enjoy all day. If you need a break from the sun, enjoy dining in at one of the restaurants offered at Xel-ha.

Book Xel-ha Tickets here – includes Admission + Buffet + Optional Activity

Enjoy an all-inclusive day with delicious buffet meals and unlimited beverages during your visit. Have fun with more than 20 natural activities and select one Optional Activity: an underwater tour with Sea Trek or Snuba, or an adventure at full speed over the sea with Adrenalina.

xplor-home.jpgXplor Park – this adventurous water park is one of the most popular Musts while visiting Cancun. Xplor has lots of adventurous activities to tempt your eager minds and it’s loaded with underground rivers, caves, and cancun-vehicle.jpgincredible cenotes filled with formations.

Get a chance to drive an amphibious vehicle through the caves and jungle, choose from 13 different zip lines over the jungle, and raft while checking out the cave systems and its gorgeous rock formations. Bring your adventure!

Book Xplor Park Tickets here!

Includes a buffet meal at Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Save 15% Online Pre-sale. 

pyramid-669729__340.jpgChichen Itzá – Chichen Itza is the famous Mayan city and the most developed of the great Mayan ruins. The amazing combination of the scaled monuments and precise calculations make this truly amazing and it is one of the mysterious wonders of the world.

cenote-sacred.jpgIt has two large cenotes, sink holes, in Chichen Itza which are known as the Sacred Cenotes. This is a very popular Must See in Cancun.

Chichen Itza and Cenotes Deluxe Tour – Book tickets here and enjoy 2 days with majestic scenes.

Tulum – The Mayan Culture is felt throughout Cancun and well respectedTulum is in the Mexican Caribbean and it is the only site with front row of the Caribbean. Visit Tulum with a guided tour who will introduce the Mayan cultures to you and explain its significance. This is definitely a Bucket List check-off.

cancun-shopping.jpgCancun Nightlife

Cancun has a buzz with its exciting nightclubs, lounges, and bars. There are great shops surrounded by authentic places to eat and enjoy a cold beverage. You will certainly find what you are looking for.

If you have never experienced Coco Bongo Show and Disco, it is a must! Vegas has nothing like it! It is an experience like nothing you have seen. There is a fee to get in but drinks are included!

A live DJ keeps the beat alive with a variety of hip-hop, disco, and rock. The night is filled with acts ranging from flying trapeze artists to half-dressed acrobats. A night to remember!

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Luxury Cancun Resorts

Be sure to book a hotel in the famous Hotel Zone if you want to wake up to the luxurious views of Cancun. The Hotel Zone has over 32,000 rooms to cater to your liking so I am sure you will find the one you are looking for!


Cancun has several luxurious hotels and resorts ranging from all-inclusive to private villas. If luxury is what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed.

Five of Cancun’s hotels have received the AAA Five Diamond Distinction which is a symbol of there excellence. Three-quarters of the hotels have a five star rating reflecting Cancun’s elegance and sophisticated luxurious accommodations.

cancun-hotel-zone.jpgThe Ritz-Carlton is an award winning AAA Five Diamond Hotel just 2 minutes from the beach. It’s property features 2 pools, a private beach, and spa. Each modern-style room has an ocean view with a balcony and a minibar.

When dining, you can sit and relax inside or outside and have the option of Mediterranean specialties, Sushi or Asian cuisine.

Downtown is only 11 miles away and The Ritz-Carlton will arrange transportation to area attractions for your convenience as well as The Cancun International Airport.

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Many of us don’t have the pocket book for the luxurious hotels but don’t worry, Cancun is known for budget friendly specials and hotels so there is always a place to fit your budget!

There is also downtown Cancun where you can find more affordable prices than in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.


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All-Inclusive Cancun Resorts

World-class service is what you will experience when visiting any of the Melia properties. The Paradisus by Melia Cancun is a luxurious all-inclusive resort and absolutely exquisite. There are 2 locations in Cancun that allow you to visit both properties.

The property sits in between the crystal-clear waters of The Caribbean or the dark blue tranquil waters of the Nuchupte Lagoon. In 3 minutes you will be relaxing on the beach. Each modern room features a private terrace overlooking the water.

The resort is a quick 25 minute drive to the Cancún International Airport. There are 10 restaurants to choose from, 9 bars, and 4 pools. Every evening Paradisus has a great addition to the nightlife.

The added amenities featured at Paradisus Cancun include a par 3, 9-hole golf course and the elegant YHI spa to spoil yourself.










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If you are concerned about the safety of traveling to Cancun, visit Is Mexico Safe to Travel. You can read about the Cancun Travel Advisory and learn the different levels of safety.

Getting Around Cancun

When you arrive in Cancun there are numerous shuttle services at the airport that will take you to The Hotel Zone.

Happy Shuttle is a very popular service that’s been in business for over 10 years and has very high ratings. You will not wait longer than 20 minutes with the shared transportation service to many hotels on the island.

They also offer shuttle services to many destinations in Cancun. Happy Shuttle’s phone number is Toll Free USA/Canada: 1-844-707-9821. Many hotels offer shuttle services so check with the concierge first before booking any other accommodations.

Catch a Bus

bus-540078__340.jpgThere are numerous ways to get around Cancun depending on your destination. If on a budget, a bus is your best bet!. The bus stops are up and down Kukulcan and make stops everywhere in Cancun.

If you’re staying in the Hotel Zone, bus fares run around $.50-$1.00 USD per ride, per person. It may be a little warm, the buses typically have no AC.

If you plan to hop on a bus from the airport, be sure to only talk with a representative that has an ADO shirt on to prevent getting ripped off.

parrot-2659023__340.jpgBe careful at the airport and plan your travel to the hotel in advance. They know how eager you are to start your vacation!


Taxis are seen all throughout Cancun, especially around The Hotel Zone but be careful, they are not regulated by the government and these wonderful cabbies can create their own fare. This can be at your advantage!

beach-2041836__340.jpgI hired a cabbie that took me to Tulum and waited for us to complete our tour. He was honest and grateful! Just be sure to negotiate a price before you get in the car. If you happen to find a taxi with AC, get his number. 🙂

Hop on a Ferry

There are many islands close to Cancun that you can  visit via a quick ferry ride. A ferry is usually 30 minutes to an hour. You will meet at the port and get your ticket. Popular, awesome islands to travel to are Isla Mujeres and Cozumel.

isla-mujeres-cancun-ultramar-ferryThe most popular and respected ferry is Ultramar. Ultramar services the islands of Cozumel and Isla Mujeres with departures continuous. Click on the link to get a list of the travel departures and routes. You can contact them: 52 1(998) 293-9092 and their Hours of Operation are 24 hours, 365 days a year.

The beauty of the various islands dispersed so close to Cancun make it impossible not to include them in your vacation.

Book your trip and have a great time in Cancun! Be sure to visit Cozumel and Playa del Carmen!

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Cheap Flights Travel Deals

Beach n Pool Gear is proud to offer exciting and AWESOME CHEAP FLIGHTS and TRAVEL DEALS. I am very excited to provide these services to you! You deserve to take a break.




Beach n Pool Gear has happily partnered with several AIRLINES, HOTEL and travel programs. There will be more to come to offer YOU the BEST travel deals!

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Rash Guard Swimwear


A rash guard is a tight-fitting athletic top made out of spandex and polyester or nylon designed to protect your skin from the harsh damaging sun. It guards the user from irritating abrasions often seen from rubbing against the ocean habitat while scuba diving or snorkeling. Jellyfish are very common marine wildlife and many times, you have no idea you are right next to one.

surfer-wave-1246560__340.jpgRash guards can also keep you warm when deep beneath the ocean. I personally freeze when scuba diving, even if it’s 100 degrees outside. Deep ocean water gets quite chilly.

Surfers are typically seen wearing rash guard swimwear to protect their arms from the friction caused from their arms rubbing against a surfboard and causing a rash.

It can be worn under a wet suit, over a bathing suit, or by itself with a pair of swimsuit bottoms.

Rash guard swimwear comes in all kinds of styles, sizes, thickness, and fabric. It depends on what the user will be doing to determine which kind is needed.

diver-549369__340.jpgTIGHT OR LOOSE FITTING?

If you will be scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing or swimming, a tight-fitting rash guard is ideal. It’s best to wear something tighter so nothing snags when you’re underwater and gets in your way.

When sun protection is the leading cause to protect your skin from the sun and if you’ll be relaxing all day, a looser fit will probably make you more comfortable. Be sure it is UPF50 sun protection.


Choosing a long sleeve or short sleeve will depend on the climate you live in and what activity you will be engaging in. Long-sleeved rash guards with UPF50 will protect you all day from the sun but if you will be very active, it could get a little warm. Look for a rash guard with a high collar around the neck to protect your neck, back, and chest from the sun.

surf-3154695__340.jpgIf you will be in and out of the water a lot, a long sleeve is great because the water will cool you off and keep you warm at the same time.


It is very important to buy a rash guard that is UPF 50. They are made of a stretchy spandex to provide added comfort and polyester or nylon to enhance breathe ability. Look for a rash guard with elastane too for quick drying.

Pay attention to the seam if you will be performing active water sports, especially surfing. Look for a flat lock seam to minimize chaffing.



AXESEA Long Sleeve UV Sun Protection Swim Shirt Rash Guard Bathing Suit Women

4.6 out of 5 stars 14 customer reviews

  • UPF 50+ Sun protection fabric blocks more than 98% of UVB and UVA rays
  • 82% Polyester & 18% Lycra Patchwork seams promoting non-friction
  • Long sleeve with zipper in front making it easy to remove when wet
  • Super soft second skin anti-chlorine stretchy fabric that dries super fast
  • Perfect for diving, surfing, wake boarding, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and water yoga



AXESEA Long Sleeve Rash Guard Women

4.7 out of 5 stars 96 customer reviews

  • UPF 50 protection with a quick dry fabric
  • Stretchy anti-chlorine fabric that sheds water
  • Features a seamless flat lock with breathable construction for chafe-free comfort
  • Perfect for Snorkeling, Diving, Surfing, Kayaking, Golfing, Yoga, Shopping, & Paddle Boarding



ATTRACO Women’s Rashguard Swimsuit Zip Front Sun Protection Shirt UPF 50+

4.6 out of 5 stars 8 customer reviews

  • UPF 50 Sun Protection
  • Long sleeve rash guard with raglan design and zipper front
  • Slimming and sporty with splicing sides to enhance your curves
  • No chaffing with the flat lock seam
  • Elastic, soft, and quick drying – 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex



Sociala Women’s Zip Front Long Sleeve Rashguard Swimsuit Top UPF 50+ Swim Shirt

4.6 out of 5 stars 6 customer review

  • UPF 50 Sun Protection and made of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex
  • Long sleeve rash guard women with a zipper in front for easy removal
  • Stretchy 4-way fabric, quick drying, and 4-way stretchy fabric
  • Slimming effect and sporty
  • Perfect for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, hanging out in the sun, or can be worn as a sun shirt or swimsuit cover up. riding or running under the sun



CharmLeaks Women’s Rashguard Long Sleeve UV Rash Guard Shirt Swimwear Rash Guard

4.5 out of 5 stars 147 customer reviews

  • Nylon rash guard swimwear
  • 100% Polyester lining, 82% Nylon, and 18% Spandex
  • UPF 50 sun protection
  • Elastic mesh top with stretchy quick-drying fabric
  • Raglan sleeves to allow full range of motion



beautyin Womens Long Sleeve Rashguard Swimwear

  • UPF 50 Sun Protection fabric made of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex
  • Long sleeve rash guard made of raglan with pull on closure
  • Soft material that dries quickly
  • Flat lock lightweight seams with stretchy fabric, nice and smooth



O’Neill Basic Skins Men’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard

4.2 out of 5 stars 1,268

  • 6oz spandex and polyester comfort construction
  • UPF 50+ Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended
  • Minimal Seam for ultimate rash guard protection
  • Performance tight fit feels like second skin
  • Perfect For swimming surfing, boating, paddle sports, & beach days


HUGE SPORTS Men’s Skins Rash Guard Long Sleeves

4.5 out of 5 stars 55 customer

  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
  • Stretch two-way fabric to stabilize muscles to prevent energy loss
  • Suitable for athletic & recreational outdoor activities and water sports such as surfing, swimming, boarding, hiking etc.
  • Temperature balance performance from breathable fabric
  • Two-way stretch fabric stabilizes muscle with compression to prevent fatigue and energy loss



Kanu Surf Fiji Rashguard Shirt Men

4.2 out of 5 stars 140 customer

  • UPF 50 Sun Protection
  • 87% Polyester and 3% Spandex
  • Machine Washable
  • Fits comfortably


AXESEA Men Long Sleeve Rash Guard UPF 50+ Lightweight Quick-Dry Swim Shirt

4.8 out of 5 stars 8 customer reviews

  • UPF 50+ Sun protection
  • Flatlock seams promoting no friction
  • Ultra-soft, 90% Nylon and +10% Lycra 4-way stretch
  • Quick drying and feels like second skin
  • Perfect for diving, surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, wake boarding, fishing, and yachting



Tesla Men’s Long Sleeve Rashguard MSR10

4.7 out of 5 stars 270 customer

  • 50+SPF/UPF sun protection material made of Polyester 88% and Polyester
  • high density durable fabric that protects against abrasions and rashes
  • Moisture Sensing/Quick time Dry/TWO-WAY Air Circulation.
  • 4-Way stretch with water shedding capabilities
  • Perfect for surfing and all water sports



O’Neill Men’s Short Sleeve Rash Guard Men Basic Skins

4.1 out of 5 stars 437

  • UPF 50+ Ultraviolet Protection
  • 6oz Polyester & Spandex with 4-Way Stretch
  • Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Perfect For Surfing, Swimming, Paddle Sports, Boating, And Beach Days
  • Seam is minimal to promote maximum protection from rash
  • Form-Fitting tightness to fit like second skin



Speedo Men’s Longview Short Sleeve Swim Tee

4.3 out of 5 stars 246 customer reviews

  • 100% Polyester, quick drying and lightweight
  • UV50+ protective fabric
  • Relaxed fit
  • More body coverage for greater sun protection



HUGE SPORTS Men’s Splice UV Sun Protection UPF 50+ Skins Rash Guard Short Sleeves

4.1 out of 5 stars 58 customer reviews

  • 80% Nylon & 20% Spandex
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Suitable for outdoor activities, water sports, surfing, boarding, diving, swimming, hiking etc.
  • Stretch 2-way fabric that stabilizes the muscles to prevent energy loss
  • Fabric breathes to balance temperature while eliminating moisture




Swimsuit Cover Ups


It is that time! Time to grab your beach towel, throw on a bathing suit, and head to the water! We have been waiting all winter for this time of the year and it is now here. Time to show off your tan and your new bathing suit. We can’t forget one more lovely item to enhance your outfit, a swimsuit cover up.

Swimsuit cover ups have come a long way. They are super cute and really enhance your attire. And boy are they comfortable. When you are in the sun all day the last thing you want to do is put on a pair of shorts. Especially if you have gotten a little sun.

I can remember struggling when putting on a pair of shorts at the beach. It’s not easy to peel on clothes when you’re a little sweaty and sandy. 🙂 Swimsuit cover ups are super simple to put on and take off. And they look fabulous!

A loose airy swimsuit cover up is perfect for throwing on for a day at the pool or beach. Remember to protect your face and head from the sun too with a Protective Hat.


Jeasona Bathing Suit Cover Crochet Dress

4.5 out of 5 stars    520 customer reviews

This elegant women’s bathing suit coverup is made of polyester and is very soft. It features a V-neck and has a drawstring on both sides. This cover up is perfect for the beach, pool, water park, resort, or cruise wear. Makes a great gift. Choose from 13 different colors. 


This elegant women’s bathing suit coverup is made of polyester and is very soft. It features a V-neck and has a drawstring on both sides. This cover up is perfect for the beach, pool, water park, resort, or cruise wear. Makes a great gift. Choose from 13 different colors. 


GDKEY Chiffon Tassel Stylish Swimsuit Cover up

4.4 out of 5 stars    541 customer reviews

This silky lightweight swimsuit cover up is made out of chiffon which makes it very cool to wear on a hot summer day. It is super comfortable and easy to take on or off.


NFASHIONSO Sexy Swimsuit Cover Up Dress

3.8 out of 5 stars    28 customer reviews

This sexy women’s swimsuit cover up is made of cotton and features a deep V-neck with long loose blousy sleeves. Suitable to wear casually at the beach, pool, tanning salon, or on a cruise. Choose from 10 different colors.



Qin.Orianna Baggy Bikini Cover-ups – Night Shirt – T-shirt

4.1 out of 5 stars    219 customer reviews

This casual bathing suit cover up can also be used as sleep wear. It is stylish and comfortable, perfect for the beach. It features two slits on either side. Not recommended for petite sizes.



Oryer Chiffon Swimsuit Bikini Cover Up Dress

3.8 out of 5 stars    65 customer reviews

This ultra classy comfortable swimsuit cover up is made of soft, breathable polyester. It’s perfect design is long and lengthy with several very classy styles to choose from. It is sure to turn heads with it’s beautiful elegant fashion. 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee.


Tassel Crochet Trim Bikini Cover Ups

4.6 out of 5 stars    13 customer reviews

This charming swimsuit cover up is made of Bamboo cotton which makes it thin and cool to wear. It has great ventilation and is SPF 50 to protect you from the sun. It is handmade and features a V neckline with tassles from the bottom to the cuff. It has a see through appearance and comes in black or white.



Loritta Beach Cover up Cardigan Bikini Swimsuit Dress

3.8 out of 5 stars    118 customer 

This sleek elegant bathing suit cover up is made of polyester and cotton, making it very comfortable and soft. It is made of superior material and workmanship, perfect for any hot weather outing. Risk free guarantee. Choose from white, off-white, or black.



MOLERANI Women’s Stylish Chiffon Tassel Beachwear Bikini Swimsuit Cover up

4.6 out of 5 stars    144 customer 

This elegant beach cover up is made of chiffon making it lightweight and breathable. Easy to take on or off. It is great for any outdoor ocassion. Choose from several colors.



LiY Women’s Bathing Suit Cover Up Beach Bikini Swimsuit Swimwear Crochet Dress

4.8 out of 5 stars    6 customer reviews

This beautiful bikini cover up is made of crotchet polyester making it comfy and soft. It is perfect for the pool, beach, cruise wear, salon, or water park. Choose from 13 different colors.













UV Protective Swimwear



The past several decades, skin cancer has been the leading cancer with almost 5 million cases each year. This coming year, 1 in 5 people will get skin cancer. The only effective way to prevent this is protection against the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation states that there is only one effective way to protect your skin…clothing and sunscreen on the exposed skin!




Did you know that regular cotton clothing only has UPF 5-7 ultraviolet protection? When this cotton gets wet it is even worse, a wet cotton shirt protects around UPF 3. This is scary to think we are unaware that when we are wearing regular cotton we are not protected against harmful ultraviolet radiation.

90% of skin cancers and premature aging are a result of continuous exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This damage is irreversible. It is important to protect yourself and your family against this now with sun protection swimwear.


The very first clothing company that has received the Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation is Coolibar. All of Coolibar’s clothing provides UPF 50 which blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UVB and UVA rays that can eventually cause cancer and those ever so not attractive brown spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin.


UPF is similar to SPF. The difference is SPF is the sun protection factor for skin using liquids, serums, and lotions. UPF is the sun protection factor for clothing and fabrics using various materials.

whatisupf50.jpgCoolibar uses a blend of bamboo viscose, which is a UV fighter, spandex, and cotton that gets embedded with several millions of materials made of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is used for its UVA and UVB sun protection qualities and also to make fabric soft and comforting. Coolibar clothing has exceeded all Australian and American published standards.

It is necessary to protect your unexposed skin with a sunscreen lotion or oil with SPF 30 or more. To really combat prevention, protect your covered skin from the sun with sun protection swimwear of UPF 50.

What is neat about wearing UPF clothing is that there is no application, no reapplying, and it won’t rinse off.


coolibar ribbon hatCoolibar’s style is comfort. They’re clothes are simple and casual for everyday wear. The super soft lightweight cotton blend has been tested which makes you more relaxed with no worries. Enjoy gardening, walking the dog, hanging out on the patio with friends, around town, or on your patio with Coolibar clothing.


Coolibar UPF 50 products have been tested more than any other brand. The clothing is dermatologist recommended and endorsed worldwide by experts. Coolibar has a lifetime guarantee on the UPF 50+ protection in their fabrics.

Visit Sunburn Prevention Tips and find out Consumer Reports Recommended Sunscreen Products to be sure you are getting the sunburn protection you need. Coolibar also makes UV Protected Sun Hats. The hats are also uniquely made with UPF protection. Both articles are on this website. Click on the link and it will take you directly to it. 🙂






  • Recycled Nylon Lycra Spandex Blend
  • UPF 50+
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Removable & adjustable straps
  • Built in one-piece fully lined
  • Chlorine & saltwater resistant
  • Several colors and prints






  • Recycled Nylon Lycra Spandex Blend
  • UPF 50+
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Removable & adjustable straps
  • Fixed cup lining
  • Built in one-piece fully lined
  • Chlorine & saltwater resistant
  • Several colors and prints






  • Recycled Nylon Lycra Spandex Blend
  • UPF 50+
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Removable & adjustable straps
  • Rouche body and padded cups
  • Built in one-piece fully lined
  • Bottoms not included






  • Recycled Nylon Lycra Spandex Blend
  • Tie closure
  • UPF 50
  • Halter tie style
  • A-line shape, fully lined with padded cups
  • Scallop detailing neckline
  • Chlorine & saltwater resistant 
  • Choose from Two Prints






  • UPF 50+
  • V-neckline with hood & draw cord
  • Super soft, cool & comfy, lightweight
  • Machine wash & tumble dry
  • Dries quickly with excellent breathability
  • Machine wash warm, cold rinse, tumble dry low






  • V-neckline with hood & draw cord
  • Super soft, cool & comfy, lightweight
  • Machine wash & tumble dry
  • Water repellent
  • Chlorine and Saltwater Resistant
  • Machine wash warm, rinse cold, tumble dry
  • Several Colors








  • V-neckline with hood & draw cord
  • Super soft, cool & comfy, lightweight
  • Drawstring tie at the waist
  • Roll sleeves up with buttons
  • Water repellent
  • Chlorine and Saltwater Resistant
  • Machine wash warm, rinse cold, tumble dry
  • Several Colors and Prints



Personal Safety Alarms

rope-woman-2322774__340.jpgMany of you will travel on vacation to places you have never been this year. Even a quick trip to the lake or beach can leave you in an environment that you are not used too. Honestly, an assault can happen ANYWHERE! You can be one mile from home.

Have you ever been uncomfortable walking to or from your car or front door? Day or night? Have you ever stopped to look behind you because you thought you were being followed?

It is so sad that woman now feel the need to wear a personal safety device. The problem is the threat of physical violence, harassment, and assault.

In the U.S., every 2 minutes a woman is attacked and every 98 seconds someone is sexually assaulted. This is alarming. Every single day over 570 people experience some form of sexual violence.

Alarming Statistics

  • The average age range for victims to most likely experience sexual assault is 12-24 years old.
  • A female in college aging 18-24 has three times more of a chance then the general population to experience sexual assault.
  • 321,500 people are victimized by sexual assault or rape per year.
  • 80,600 inmates are sexually assaulted in jail or prison each year.
  • 7 out of 10 victims know the person who committed the assault.

VIPERTEK VTS-989 – 15 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

When a woman is alone she is an easy target for a predator. He will wait for the perfect match to suit his needs at the perfect time. It is imperative for a woman to always be 100% aware of what is going on and who is around her.

woman-mouth-2091__340.jpgStay off your phone.

We are all bad about chatting and driving. Some cities don’t allow it but for the woman who are still allowed to drive and talk, finish your phone call before opening your car door to get out.

Observe the surroundings.

Look around to notice anything peculiar before exiting your vehicle. Do not open the door if you do not feel safe.

Create a Game Plan

Keep all of your items in the front seat or the front floor board so it’s easy to gather everything before you open the car door. If something seems strange, do not get out. If you’re going somewhere and see someone odd is in the parking lot or your driveway, don’t stop. Follow your instinct. Keep driving. Play it safe!

BellFyd Tactical Pen for Personal Protection and Self Defense – EDC Pen with Built-in Glass Breaker, LED Flashlight – Outdoors Survival Gear for Concealed Carry – Best Tactical Pens Holder Set

Look at the person and get a description of what they are wearing, hair color, height, tattoos, etc. Call the local police or 911 and tell them about what’s happening.

It only takes a few seconds for a grown woman to be thrown on the ground, her purse taken away, and off he runs. That is scary!

To increase your chance on a perpetrator running away from you is to make a scene. Perpetrators don’t want attention called to them so your best choice is to be loud. There are new personal safety alarms to assist you in calling attention to the victim.

Let’s take a look at a few devices that will attract the attention to the victim.

Robocopp SOS Personal Portable Alarm

The Number One Choice for the Best Personal Safety Alarm is the Robocopp SOS Personal Portable Alarm.

The Robocopp SOS is a small compact security alarm device that looks similar to a thumb drive. It produces an unpleasant and really loud sound. This sound will not go unnoticed with its 120 decibels and will draw attention to anyone passing by which is your goal!

The device exerts its sound by simply pulling out the pin. It is easy for children, the sick, and the elderly population to use. The siren screams loud like an ambulance and will sound for up to 30 minutes without interruption. It will drive away potential attackers and attract people nearby.

The personal alarm device can be attached to a key chain, wrapped around a wrist, or stored in a pocket. It comes on a cord to make it easy to keep close by.

Vigilant 130DB Personal Emergency Alarm.

Another favorite personal safety alarm device is the Vigilant 130DB Personal Emergency Alarm.

When approached by an attacker, the first response for the victim to accomplish is to influence the situation. A loud siren will discourage the attacker and is more likely to run away.

vigilant-safety-device.jpgThe Vigilant personal Safety Alarm is small with a big sound of 130 decibels. It won’t fight the attacker but it will combat a psychological influence to promote a positive outcome for the victim.

It can be carried in a pocket, looped around a wrist, or attached to a key chain. There is a mini LED light which can also be a deterrent to the attacker. Unlike the Robocopp, this device will sound for an hour.

The U.S. military has used the Vigilant Safety Alarm Device for 8 years and has received approval. It is a favorite among evening joggers, college students, the elderly, and people that happen to be out at night.

Athena Personal Security Alarm

athena-safety-device.jpgAnother really neat personal security alarm and is my favorite, is the Athena Personal Security Alarm.

This personal safety device is sleek and stylish. It can be clipped anywhere on the body or on a key chain and is available in 3 different colors.

The siren is as loud as a freight train and will get the attention of anyone nearby. What is unique about the Athena is that it has a GPS tracking device.

When the button is held for 3 seconds, it emits a high-frequency 85 decibel siren and also sends a message to friends or family who will receive a map with directions showing where the victim’s location is and will offer the opportunity to notify 911.

If the victim would like to send a silent distress signal to a pre-selected contact, press the button 3 times and it will silently send the location, map, and directions of where the victim is. No alarm is audible.

athena-and-messages_1000x.pngThe Athena Personal Safety Alarm connects to a smart phone via Bluetooth, has a 3-month battery life, and is water resistant.

Athena’s Mantra is to live in a world with less stress and fewer assaults. A world that that is safer and where anyone can live their life boldly. Because of this, they started the ROAR Program.

“For each device sold, we ROAR back a portion of the proceeds to educational programs that have been shown to increase empathy and reduce violence.”

In a world that unfortunately exists of disengaged people from society that want to harm woman and others, it is important to protect yourself. It is important to always be on the lookout everywhere you go. No neighborhood is 100% safe! Feel safer today and protect yourself with a personal safety alarm device. It is worth your life!






Best Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean is a worldwide very popular destination for travelers because of its absolutely pristine and crystal clear beaches and resorts. It is difficult to choose one island over another because they are equally beautiful but there are some differences. Let’s take a look.


jamaica-gorgeous-1303903__340.jpgJamaica is the third largest island and is known as the birthplace of Rastafari, Reggae music. It is surrounded by the Blue Mountains and white sand beaches. What draws visitors to Jamaica is its amazing wildlife and flora, cascading waterfalls, surfing, the best golf courses in the Caribbean, exotic birds, and very famous all-inclusive resorts.

What to do in Jamaica

Jamaica has three main tourist areas on the island. You won’t be bored in Jamaica. The island is perfect for the adventurous type. Surfing is popular on the eastern side of Port Antonio at Boston Bay Beach. You can go hiking in the Blue Mountains and try river rafting on the Rio Grande in Ocho Rios at Dunn’s River Falls & Park. Don’t forget the foaming waterfalls anchored around the mountains.

If you are looking for luxurious accommodations and beautiful beaches the western side of the island would be best for you in Negril. Negril has a Seven-Mile beach perfect for gazing at the ocean and relaxing with the waves.

For the golfers, visit Montego Bay which is located in the northwestern part of the island and is known to have the best courses in the Caribbean, particularly, White Witch Golf Course or Tyral Club.

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for its luscious jungles, 20 foot waves, exotic landscapes, and underground caves. The beaches vary for all types depending on if you are looking for something more tranquil or to test your surfing skills. There are beaches with calm water for the kiddos.

puerto-rico-beach-634040__340.jpgWhat to do in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s capital is San Juan which is the heart of dancing and music. There are numerous pulsating dance clubs, live music, and lounges in the Santurce neighborhood for you to dance the night away.

For those of you who want to bask in the sun and relax on the beach, visit the western beaches in Rincon. Bring your surfboard!

Forget your passport and bring your U.S. dollars, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory making travel easy! It has several casinos for you to test your luck!vacation-puerto-rico-726721__340.jpg

Puerto Rico is known to have great deals on all-inclusive packages and is admired for having year round specials. They are unique from other Caribbean islands because they don’t increase prices in the wintertime. You can bet that you will find an affordable package year round.

Dominican Republic

Known for golden beaches and sugary looking sand is Punta Cana, located in the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana is another great place to travel with affordable lodging and reasonable prices throughout. It is popular for its robust amenities and perfect for the vacationers who don’t care to leave their resort.

dominican-republic-2824492__340.jpgTravelers can stay at one of the abundant all-inclusive resorts for less than $1000, including lodging, airfare, meals, and specific activities accommodated from your resort.

What to do in Punta Canadominican-republic-resort-2825981__340.jpg

For the adventure seeking traveler, visit Hoyo Azul and engage yourself in hiking. To take a break from the sun, try your swing at La Cana or Punta Espada golf courses. If your like me and can lay in the sun all day, relax at the golden beaches of Dolphin Island known for its clear water.


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Grenada is a very popular Caribbean destination for Europeans. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. It is popular for its soft sands in Grand Anse and the kaleidoscope of colors reflecting off the water at St George’s Harbor.

grenada-2711720__340.jpgWhat to do in Grenada

Grenada has the same awesome amenities as other Caribbean destinations but isn’t that popular for having numerous all-inclusive resorts or a sparkly nightlife. This feature is what allures travelers back to Grenada and makes it special.

Grenada has numerous diving spots for the underwater travel seeker. When you need a break from the CO2, visit St George or Petit Martinique and get the real Grenada experience of why it is so charming. The scents from the spice plantations fill the air in Market Square and will eagerly tempt you towards sampling rum at the River Antoine Distillery.

U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix are all part of “America’s Caribbean Paradise.” You can visit all three islands via a quick ferry ride or a boat and not have to worry about bringing a passport or hassle with any monetary exchange. Each island offers something unique from the other.virgin-islands-power-boat-1015935__340.jpg

St. Thomas is known for luxurious mega-yachts in the harbor and its rugged, hilly terrain. The storefronts lining Maine Street have high-end shopping for the travelers wanting to bring something special home. The island’s landscape is mountainous with gorgeous beaches lining the coast.

Make a visit to Sandy Hook where numerous restaurants and bars are located.

caribbean-virgin-islands-113400__340.jpgA 30-minute ferry can take you to the luxurious, undisturbed natural park lands of St. John. St. John is more quiet and perfect for honeymooners. Rent a jeep and explore the 7000 acres of uninhabited land lined with lush green palm trees and crystal clear pristine beaches. It is absolutely breath taking. St. John’s beaches are my favorite so far.

The island visited less of the three is St. Croix which is located down south. It is known for its rum distilleries and sugar plain plantations giving you the feel of the past and present. Visit the Soggy Dollar bar which is located right on the beach that you must walk through the water to get too, hence, Soggy Dollar!

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Antigua and Barbuda

antigua-1148574__340.jpgAntigua and Barbuda are neighboring islands with over hundreds of beaches surrounding them. They are known for their spectacular beaches with pink and white soft sand.

What to do in Antigua and Barbuda

Get introduced respectfully to the beauty of Antigua and take a tour on one of its attractions. Visit Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, which is a renowned yacht location and a colonel historic naval base. Relax and take pictures at Shirley antigua-beach-2485882__340.jpgHeights with its gorgeous picturesque panoramic views.

After relaxing in the sun with the sand and waves and visiting the activities on the island, check out the numerous casinos. If you like to gamble, this is your destination. Later, liven things up in the exciting night clubs, discos, and cafes.

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Each one of these best Caribbean destinations will fulfill your travel expectations. Do some research first to decide which island suites your travel plans and next, enjoy!









What is Your Best Caribbean Vacation?

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I need help from you to share what is your best Caribbean destination?

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Best Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean Sea extends from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to northern South America. It has 28 island nations and over 7000 little islands in the Caribbean. So many beautiful beach destinations to choose from.

Vacations are so fun to plan and get all excited about. Possibly encourage some of us to hit the gym, work on a tan, and add a new fresh look to our wardrobe.

We research all the fun things to do in the town we will visit. Check to see if there is a festival or something culturally unique taking place when we will be visiting.

What Caribbean destination is your favorite?

Best food in the Caribbean

Every island has its own flavor flair. That’s my favorite thing to do when traveling is try out new authentic cuisine.

chefs-640904__340.jpgCaribbean destinations are known for their Acapulco Style Ceviche cooked in fresh lime juice and the spicy authentic salsa’s that are quite different then the Tex Mex Salsa we are used to in Texas.

The guacamole in the islands isn’t smooth and creamy like in the states. It is fresh and chunky with cilantro, onions, tomatoes, and fresh lime juice. Absolutely delightful!

I remember trying conch fritters for the first time in St Thomas. They were outstanding. Now, when I visit I will put that on the list of cuisines to endure.

What is your favorite food in the Caribbean?

Best Cocktails in the Caribbean

And, of course, we can’t forget beverages! Cuisine isn’t complete without an adult beverage! Margarita’s in the Caribbean are so much better than at home! Silver agave tequila is popularly used down south and their margaritas are made with fresh lime juice, no sweet-n-sour. They are much more refreshing and absolutely amazing margaritas!drinks-2684386__340.jpg

The frozen drinks are totally different than the U.S. We use mixes that have the fruit blend in them and are very sweet. In the Caribbean, the frozen drinks are made fresh with fresh fruit and lime juice. They have the perfect amount of sweetness so it’s easy to have several, so watch out!

What is your favorite drink in the Caribbean?

Best Beaches in the Caribbean

beach-hut-237489__340.jpgNow this is impossible. I don’t think there is a beach in the Caribbean that isn’t beautiful! Depending on which side of the island you are on brings a different beauty to the beach. Some sides are calm and tranquil while others are rough and rocky.

So far, my favorite beach has been in St. John, Virgin Islands. It was breathtakingly gorgeous. It looked like someone trimmed the palm trees and plants every morning. There weren’t any brown leaves on any of them. The beach was so tropical and the water was crystal clear. I will never forget the beauty!

Which is your favorite beach in the Caribbean?

Favorite Things to do in the Caribbeancaribbean-costume-2801438__340.jpg

Every island has many things to do ranging from swimming with the dolphins, cooking classes, fishing, romantic evening cruises, scuba diving, snorkeling, pyramids, senotes, zip lines, swimming, etc. The list goes on and on. According to your mood, there are endless things to do that can last a day or a couple of hours.

What is your favorite thing to do in the Caribbean?

Best Places to Scuba Dive in the Caribbean?

There are so many awesome places to scuba dive in the Caribbean. There is a large reef that extends through the islands making a plethera of underwater marine life and plants. I have dived in Cozumel and St. Thomas. My favorite is Cozumel because of the drift dive on the reef. So beautiful!

What is your favorite place to scuba dive in the Caribbean?

Best hotels in the Caribbean

Where have you stayed and why did you love this place so much? Was it the location, friendly staff, close to water, water sports offered, variety of restaurants around, rooms, cleanliness, etc.

What is the best hotel in the Caribbean?hotel-1111199__340.jpg

Best Resorts in the Caribbean

Hotels are different then resorts. Resorts usually offer special packages to their customers. Some have dinner packages and some have drink packages. Some resorts offer both. There are the All-Inclusive resorts that are very popular. We usually rent a house so I need your comments please. 🙂

What is your favorite resort in the Caribbean?

All Inclusive Resort in the Caribbean

All inclusive resorts are very popular and can be very affordable. They offer several restaurants, numerous bars, evening events, poolside activities, water sports, spa packages, massages, baby sitting, etc. They have shuttles that will take you back and forth into the city throughout the day and evening.

What is your favorite all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean?

resort-1589043__340Best All-Inclusive Family Resort in the Caribbean

Some guests would like to stay in a resort that has more families staying at the resort. The family style resorts are more family oriented and the activities are appropriate for all ages.

snorkeling-984422__340.jpgWhat is your favorite All-Inclusive Family Resort in the Caribbean?

Is Mexico Safe for Travel?

There is a lot to plan for your vacation so you get a good feel of your city before arriving. The more knowledgeable you are the better. And safety is always a concern. Very smart to know a little about the crime in the area. Let’s face it, every place has some kind of crime. Some more than others.

I am a native Houstonian so the Caribbean has always been one of my favorite places to travel. And the Caribbean is HUGE so there is a vast selection of travel destinations.

We keep hearing on the news that there are places in Mexico that are not safe for travel. I did an article regarding this topic. Check it out, “Is Mexico Safe to Travel to.”

What do you think?


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